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10 Best Software to Make Birthday Card Design at Home

Receiving a fun, colorful birthday card can still make someone smiles. However, instead of buying generic cards, you can now make your own birthday card design at home. Having the right software not only helps you creating personalized card design, but also serves as the first step to have your own design business.

There are many software products that provide great features to make amazing birthday cards, even at a simple home studio. Here are top ten of birthday card software options you can try right now.

Print Artist (Platinum Edition) for Birthday Card Design

Print Artist (Platinum Edition) - 10 Best Software to Make Birthday Card Design at Home Studio

Print Artist (Platinum Edition) – Birthday Card Design

Print Artist Platinum provides wide arrays of features, templates, and labels for unique birthday cards. This software has not only typical design features, but also tools to remove imperfections, such as taking care of red eyes. Print Artist Platinum also provides templates for other types of invitations, such as for weddings, Christmas parties, and formal parties. There are also “written sentiments”, which are default greetings to add instantly.

Print Artist Platinum is perfect for professional and amateur designers. It is easy to control, and there are options between ready-made templates and original designs. However, many of graphics and text editing icons are unlabeled, so browsing them can be overwhelming.

Print Artist (Gold Edition)

Print Artist (Gold Edition) - 10 Best Software to Make Birthday Card Design at Home Studio

Print Artist (Gold Edition) – Birthday Card Design

The slightly cheaper version of Print Artist Platinum, the Gold version offers fewer fonts and templates than the previous one. However, it offers easily-accessed features and tools. Beginners and amateur designers can learn to operate it quickly. Print Artist Gold is also perfect if you need a high-quality, low-cost greeting card software.

Unlike the Platinum edition, many of the text-editing and graphic icons are labeled so that you can browse through them more easily. You need to be more creative in creating the texts, since Print Artist Gold does not provide pre-written sentiments.

Greeting Card Factory (Deluxe Edition)

Greeting Card Factory Deluxe offers various templates to create cards for various events. You can make cards for kid’s old adult’s birthday party, but there are also templates for holiday, baby shower, wedding, and other formal events. The software is easy to navigate, even for beginner or amateur designers. Professional designers can experiment with original designs with this software.

Greeting Card Factory Deluxe also provides templates to make both electronic and traditional cards. However, if you want to make unique electronic cards, Greeting Card Factory is not the best tool, because it does not offer music or sound effects.

Hallmark Card Studio

Hallmark birthday card design - 10 Best Software to Make Birthday Card Design at Home Studio

Hallmark birthday card design

Hallmark is famous for its high-quality greeting cards, and now, you can create your own Hallmark-quality cards with software. Hallmark Card Studio offers various layouts, templates, and graphics to create your own Hallmark-style birthday card design Not only birthday cards, but you can also create wedding, holiday, and formal party cards.

You can design your birthday cards from scratch, or use the existing templates. The gallery has more than 13,000 graphics, from cute to elegant. There are also numerous font sizes, shapes, and colors, to add more personalized elements in the cards. Hallmark Card Studio also offers tips and tricks, including the ways to create greeting card texts that are sensitive, funny, or classy.

The Print Shop (Deluxe Edition)

The Print Shop is a perfect software product for amateur or beginner designers. This program offers easy and relatively simple navigations, compared to other similar programs. The Print Shop is perfect for beginner designers, but it is also great for home designers who occasionally need to print invitation cards, without ordering from companies.

The Print Shop Deluxe offers more than 4,800 card templates and 600 fonts, giving you flexible design to create unique cards. This software also has comfortable navigation in its menu. However, The Print Shop may not be suitable for expert designers, since the special effects and feature library are limited.

Scrapbook Factory Deluxe

Scrapbook Factory Deluxe offers better features for creating and sharing birthday cards design. There are more than 80,000 graphics options and 6,500 card templates to choose. The editing tools are easy to access, and you can also import your own photos for more personalized cards.

After making a design, you can save it in PDF form, ready to be shared. If you need more variations, use the accompanying CD to access more than 300 other graphics and fonts.

Greeting Card Studio

Greeting Card Studio is not as rich in features as the previous products. It also does not have fancy features such as sound effects. However, Greeting Card Studio is perhaps one of the easiest tools to make birthday cards. It also offers ruler and gridline features, which make it easier to align all the design elements perfectly.

Despite the lack of sound effects, you can still share the results on Facebook or by email.


Canva - Birthday card design

Canva – Birthday card design

Canva is not a downloadable software, but an online resource to create designs with ready-made templates, graphics, fonts, and patterns. While it is not a specific program to create birthday cards, a designer (or creative person) can create any card types.

Canva has a lot of free features, such as stock photos, patterns, text templates, and graphics. However, to access more diverse features, users need to upgrade to premium, or pay at least USD1 per feature.

Kigo Photo Card Maker

Kigo Photo Card Maker is a free product of Kigosoft to create greeting cards from photos. Kigo provides ready-made templates and easy editing tools to personalize your greeting cards with photos. This is a perfect tool for beginner or amateur designers to try their hands in simple creative projects. There are options to print the cards or share the files through emails and social media.

Ecard Magic

Ecard Magic is a downloadable free software, designed for Windows 10. Ecard Magic creates interactive greeting cards, including as EXE applications. You can use it to create customizable cards with various special effects, such as sounds, music, specific greeting backgrounds, and even audio clips that deliver personalized messages. There are various graphics to accompany your cards, but you can also upload your own photos or images.

Designing your own card can add personal elements in the final products. Choose your favorite software now, and create a birthday card design everyone will gush over.

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