8 Fresh Design Trends for Modern Business Card Ideas

Handing a business card ideas to someone is not just about formality, but also a way to introduce the business and brands in short time. The best business card ideas not only present business identities, but also create positive impressions for prospective partners or customers.

The ever-changing business landscape, especially in the digital era, requires business owners to be memorable in facing competitions. As a designer, it is your job to create memorable business cards that will make your clients stand out.

Here are eight design trends you can always try to create fresh, professional, eye-catching business cards.

The main of Business Card Ideas is Simple but Attractive

Simple but attractive - 8 Fresh Design Trends for Modern Business Card Ideas

Simple but attractive – business card ideas – psdguides

When a client is handing out a business card, he or she will expect the recipient to quickly get a positive impression of the brand or business name. You can use a simple design that showcases the main feature your client wants to present. Avoid adding too many details so the card’s recipient will not get distracted.

You can still create a stylish, creative card, but always remember to put the main feature forward in the design. For example, you should put the business’ name and logo forward in bright colors and large sizes. Add a few embellishments without overshadowing these main elements. You can also play with colors and fonts to create an eye-catching design.

Use the Brand’s Elements in the Design

Understanding the key details of a brand is important to create attractive but professional business cards. Aside from the actual brand name, elements such as logo, specific fonts, and brand colors are important to create specific designs. The goal is to make the card’s recipients immediately associate the card’s design with the brand.

Consider using consistent brand elements such as color schemes, fonts, logos, and images in all the promotional material, including business cards. Basically, make sure the business card ideas shows the brand’s recognizable elements, even if the recipient squints when receiving the card.

Apply Creative, Interactive Design

Creative, interactive design is one of the freshest business card ideas that keep appearing in various fields. Interactive designs that require the recipient to perform certain actions will leave a more lasting impression than the conventional ones. Examples are cards with detachable or foldable parts that reveal the brand’s messages.

While interactive design attracts attention, make sure it is actually related to the advertised brand. The actions that the recipients do to the cards should reflect the actual business. Also, the cards should not be too “difficult to solve”, since this can backfire and make the recipients get angry at your client.

Large Font and Typeface

business card ideas - 8 Fresh Design Trends for Modern Business Card Ideas

business card ideas – psdguides

If the company does not use a distinctive logo, you can use large font and typeface to attract attention. A typical design consists of the company/business name and the tagline. In accordance with the previous points, you can apply the brand’s color schemes and other design elements to make the design bolder.

Before using large typeface, make sure you adjust the font choice with the brand. If the company uses specific fonts to design their logos, apply them to the card to create continuity. Emphasize the texts by using two contrasting solid colors, one as the background and the other as the company/business name letters.

Add Funny or Creative Tagline and Logo

If the company or business does not have specific tagline and logo, you can use your creativity to create the funny ones. You can use puns, classic jokes, or trendy phrases to compose your own taglines. Make sure you understand what the company does, and what service it can offer to the public. Using these elements in funny or creative business card will make them more standout.

As a designer, you must discuss with your employer about the right words to use, especially if they don’t have their own catchy taglines, or if the business cards are parts of a long-term ad campaign program. Create taglines that perfectly translate the goal of the brand.

Design Colorful Cards

Colorful - 8 Fresh Design Trends for Modern Business Card Ideas

Colorful – business card ideas – psdguides

Colored cards draw more attention than simple, white cards. Also, people are less likely to rip or throw away a card with richer arts than the standard, white ones. You can involve the colors on the fonts, background, or as parts of the arts. Make sure the colorful arts accentuate the main information instead of overshadowing it.

Just like point number 2, you can refer to the brand’s design schemes to pick colors for your business card designs. You can also adjust to the brand’s overall theme. For example, if you design business cards for a company that produces environmentally-friendly household products, include nature themes such as leaf and flower elements.

Consider the Contact Info Placement

Consider the Contact Info Placement - 8 Fresh Design Trends for Modern Business Card Ideas

Contact – business card ideas – psdguides

When designing business cards, the recipients must be able to identify the contact info immediately. Make sure to emphasize the company’s website, email address, and main phone number. Depending on the design, the card’s recipients must be able to immediately recognize the contact info, which could compel them to make further inquiries.

If you follow point number 3 and want to use creative design, you can use slightly different strategy. Hide the contact info in the part that should be moved, torn, or shifted by the card’s recipients. The revealing action will make the contact info more memorable, and the recipients are more likely to make inquiries because they feel intrigued.

Elevate All the Business Cards’ Design Aspects

A standard white card from thin paper may be popular during the 1970’s or 1980’s, but not now. Elevating all aspects of the card’s design will make the recipients keep the cards, instead of throwing them away. This means improving the material, weight, letter embossing methods, and accents.

For example, you can discuss with your client to use heavier and thicker material. You can also add metallic accent, or apply die-cut design to give the business cards more unique personality. You can even experiment with different shapes, not just the traditional square.


Making your business card design looks fresh is important to create positive vibe toward in the client’s brand. Make sure to use distinctive but precise business card ideas that will leave an impression when handed to other people.


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