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7 Free Software to Create a Shirt Design (besides CorelDraw)

CorelDraw is a favorite tool to create a shirt design, but it is not the only option. Depending on your range of design skills and preferences, you may want to have several backup programs, which is even better if they are free. Here are seven popular, convenient, free-of-charge software products to create your own t-shirts.


Free T-Shirt Maker

Free T-Shirt Maker is a straightforward, simple t-shirt maker software. The free software offers standard t-shirt templates in various colors (without models), and you can adorn them with various graphics, icons, and clip arts. The graphics category is available on the top right webpage, and the workspace has tools that are easy to access.

You also get options for customizing the t-shirts, such as the sizes and positions. You can also upload your own designs, and place them right on top of each shirt. There are also tools to make texts and adjust font types.

Smart Shirt Designer

Smart Shirt Designer is a free t-shirt making software made specifically to design soccer jerseys. The workspace offers various tools near the canvas, with three options to design the collar, shirt, and brand or logo. If you click one of them, your canvas will correspond to the part of the shirt you want to design.

You also get options to put badges from famous soccer teams on your shirt. You can also upload your original designs for the badge or logo. The results can be saved as PNG, JPEG, and GIF files. You can also share them easily with other people.

T-Shirt Designer

T-Shirt Designer is a relatively simple design tool for beginner or amateur shirt designers. If you want to hone your basic shirt-designing skills, or just want to apply simple design ideas on a t-shirt, this tool offers easy ways to do the jobs. The canvas is large, and you get options to work on the sleeves, the back, and the front.

The canvas also has several tools to change the basic colors, place design layouts, and even add clip arts. You can also customize and add texts to the design. The graphics and typography options are not diverse, but this is a good tool to get yourself used to designing software.

Desktop T-Shirt Creator

Desktop T-Shirt Creator offers convenient designing tools for various types of clothing. There are designs for t-shirts, hoodies, and long-sleeved shorts, both for men and women. The free software offers various graphics, fonts, and clip arts to help you designing t-shirts in easy ways. There are numerous basic colors to adorn the t-shirts, and you can also upload your own images to create a more personalized design.

Once finished, you can directly send your design files by email. You can also share them on social media, or directly print them (if you have a digital printing business, for example). The tools are quite complete for beginner to intermediate designers, and there are various ways a creative designer can unleash their creativity.

Custom Ink

CustomInk is a website-based designer tool to create a shirt with various clip arts, texts, and personalized images. The tool provides numerous templates for long and short-sleeved t-shirts, for men and women. There are also special templates to design sports shirts or jerseys. However, designers can also upload their own design templates to the system, which are perfect to create t-shirts for retail stores.

CustomInk offers options to place images, clip arts, patterns, photos, and texts on the t-shirt. You can also share the design files of your works, using email or social media platforms such a Facebook. The company that runs CustomInk also offers service to print and send the t-shirts with your designs (depending on where you live).

Almamater Store

Almamater Store is an India-based website to create a shirt with various tools, for free. The website offers standard canvas with design template in the middle, design tools on the left, and purchase options on the right. Designers can create original designs on the website, or order the shirts to be printed and delivered.

Almamater Store offers design templates for round-necked and V-necked t-shirts, both for men and women. There are also design templates for long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts, tank tops, and hoodies. The design tools offer brush, clip arts, texts, numbers, and colors to create original designs. Designers can also upload their designs to modify the templates.

The canvas also has convenient sharing options next to it. Once the design is complete, designers can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email.

Flash T-Shirt Design Software

Flash T-Shirt Design Software offers free and paid features to create designs, which you can later use to set up an online store. The canvas offers all the design tools on the right, with options to adjust sizes, colors, texts, fonts, images, and clip arts. You can also upload your design and modify it, right on the shirt. There are options to design the front, back, side, and sleeves.

Once finished, designers can download the t-shirt designs, or directly order the printed versions. The resulting designs can be shared by emails or to social media, especially Facebook. This software also offers online payment gateways for international transactions, although the availability also depends on where you live. This software is currently available only for Windows.


Do You Need Extra T-Shirt Designer Programs?

Some designers feel comfortable with CorelDraw or Photoshop alone, while others prefer more programs in their devices. There may be time when you can only design on websites, or need to immediately print the t-shirts (if your software supports this service). Having alternatives is always useful for beginner and advanced designers.

These t-shirt design software products or websites are especially useful to showcase your original designs, especially if your design level is still basic. You can use them as tools to work on your skill with tools, before moving to more expensive and sophisticated programs, such as CorelDraw and Photoshop.

If you are confident with advanced programs like Photoshop or CorelDraw, stick with them to create a shirt with professional looks. However, if you are a beginner or amateur designer who still needs to work your way around the tools, try these free software before moving your way up.

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