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Upgrade the Way You Draw with These Digital Drawing Tablet

The tool that is obviously useful for digital art is a digital drawing tablet. It can assist you in drawing, making art, paint, and even share the digital artwork. Consequently, the market offers an immense variety of digital drawing tablets for the users to choose. The problem is, the more you get to choose from—the more confused you are. This is why we are going to talk about the brands, the capability, and the factors that make an excellent digital drawing tablet.

As the interest for digital art increases, the need for a tool that can produce it also increases. Traditionally, we can simply pull a paper and a pencil to draw. Or, to some extent, uses brush and paints to complete it. However, the digital art needs more than brushes and paints—yet simpler than manual tools.

Beginners, Know Your Digital Drawing Tablets

Wacom Intuos Pro paper edition - digital drawing tablet
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Wacom Intuos Pro paper edition

The market offers various digital drawing tablets from the high-end to the low-end tablets with various prices. It is also possible for you to fail in finding the best digital drawing tablets to your need on the first try. Most artists will upgrade the tablet or stick to the one that is comfortable for them. In other words, it’s like finding your soul mate in the digital art world.

Basically, a digital drawing tablet consists of a tablet which works like the surface and a stylus as the drawing tool. However, there is also more advanced tablets which have integrated LCD panels that records the drawing directly. The latter digitizes every stroke of the stylus directly on the surface, not on the computer screen.

The digital drawing tablet works by determining the position of the stylus towards the surface such as the tilt, the distance, the rotation, and so on. Different with touchscreen gadgets, graphics tablet captures the movement more precisely to create a more detailed drawing.

The stylus usually has a pen-like shape to make the drawing movement easier. To change the thickness of the line, you only need to make different pressure. Some stylus may also have buttons to replace the work of a mouse. In addition to it, the tablet may also have several important shortcut key so that you don’t have to hassle shifting from the keyboard and the tablet.

What Are The Options?

There are many major brands that have been around since the first digital drawing tablet existed. These brands also have each of their own product specification which caters different artists’ needs.


Wacom intuos pro - digital drawing tablet

Wacom intuos pro

Wacom has been known as the best brand in the class. It offers different types with various specifications like Wacom Intuos Pro which come in three different sizes, Wacom Intuos Draw, Wacom Cintiq, and Wacom Bamboo. Wacom Intuos Pro, for example, has pen sensitivity of 8192 levels. It catches gestures more naturally and let the artist work intuitively.


Huion H610PRO - Drawing Tablet

Huion H610PRO – Drawing Tablet

Huion like Huion 420 and Huion H610 Pro give you a digital drawing tablet with a light and compact body. It is one of the most affordable tablets on the market and compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. There is also a high-end type of this brand called the Huion KAMVAS which offers smooth movement and high definition image rendering.


The brand Ugee aims to give a paper-like experience for its users. This is why all Ugee drawing tablets offer pocket-friendly body full of features. It is also compatible with most of the drawing software used by digital artists. The mid-scale tablets from Ugee are Ugee M708 and Ugee 1910B. While for those who look for a graphics tablet with a screen can opt for Ugee 2150.


With its easy controlling, Turcom may be the best digital drawing tablet for beginners. It can be sued with most of the major drawing software like Adobe, Corel, and Autodesk. Though rather bulky because of its large surface area, the drawing tablet like Turcom TS-6610 provides enough movement for first-timers.

Things You Should Look for in a Digital Drawing Tablet

Huion GT-185 Graphics Tablet Monitor with Express Keys for PC and Mac

Huion Graphics Tablet

While you are still thinking about which digital drawing tablet to buy, you may want to take a quick look at these factors that mold its quality.


When we are talking about digital drawing tablets, receptiveness and pressure sensitivity is mostly how your drawing would turn out. Digital pen movements, strokes, and pressures are the important factors that shape your drawings. Hence, you need to find a graphics tablet that has excellent receptiveness so that you can have the precise rendering.


The size of the tab is how convenient it is on your hand. Your mobility may also affect the decision on the size. If you are an active person and would like to draw on-the-go, finding something that is light and easy to carry is a must.

Otherwise, a bigger drawing tablet with a wider surface area might be comfortable for a home PC use. Some digital drawing tablet has small surface area and has too many buttons. However, it’s definitely your call when we talk about handling comfort.

Connectivity System

Different digital drawing tablet presents different connectivity. Some of them may use USB, HDMI, or even wireless connection. It is also possible for a drawing tablet to have more than one connectivity system.


The Wacom Cintiq graphics tablet 22HD Touch provides a unique balance between pen and multi-touch input.

wacom cintiq 22hd graphics tablet

Tools or functioning keys will determine the efficiency of the program of the digital drawing tablet. It should also have high compatibility and flexibility to work with different software. Some of the digital drawing tablets have shortcut key on the surface or pen to increase its effectiveness.


When checking out the digital drawing tablet, you also need to see what are the accessories come with the package. For instance, is the stylus or the untethered pen is easy and comfortable to use. You can also see whether the tablet needs additional cable or connectivity port or not. To do this, check out the box and the manual carefully to find out the features and the accessories.


Last but not least, price determines almost everything. Digital drawing tablets with high-end capability will most likely have a higher price. If you are a beginner and has no experience in using a digital drawing tablet before, it might be best that you start with a mid-range tablet that is affordable because you may want to upgrade it later once you get used to it or need a higher specification.

Choosing a digital drawing tablet is not just about the price or the pride of the brand, but also your comfort. Some digital artists would also hop from one brand to another to really find the perfect drawing tablet. Once you recognize your own comfort in digital drawing, you will be able to find the one that is most suitable to your needs.

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