Huion INSPIROY Q11K - Drawing Tablet

10 Most Anticipated Drawing Tablet for Beginners

Back in the day, the graphic designers must have been overwhelmed taking care of their job while traveling from one place to another. For sure, they had to put some pieces of paper and a brush in order. The matter got worse when their illustration required the erasing. However, that state of affairs gets a 360-degree turn at the present time. The conventional ways are put aside and replaced by the most sophisticated one – the drawing tablet.

Unless you are not a fresh illustrator planning to invent the miraculous piece of work, one or two out of these 10 striking drawing tablets should be on your hands:

Wacom Intuos Pro

Wacom intuos pro - Drawing Tablet
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Wacom intuos pro – Drawing Tablet

It has never been humdrum to talk about Wacom Intuos Pro since the inception of this guy. Serving as a pocket graphic handler, it is sure enough transferrable. It has become the necessity for most out of contemporary artists. There are three varieties including small, medium, and large to choose from. The main highlights of this typical drawing tablet are no other than the pressure sensitivity with 8192 levels and gesture support. The prospective tablet for graphics also holds the technology of Touch Ring and Express Keys. They drive the software shortcuts more convenient.

Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW

Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW - Drawing Tablet

Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW – Drawing Tablet

Why the Wacom Intuos Draw is perfect for the beginners is the spaciousness allowing the users to go with one hand or two hands. Not only is this ugly but fashionable gadget easy to use and undemanding but it also comes with full essentials needed by the graphic designers. Wacom Intuos Draw saves much energy as it is battery-free. The tablet goes about when it is connected to your laptop or computer. This flashy guy boasts 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity actively involved in thicker and thinner depiction.


Huion INSPIROY Q11K - Drawing Tablet

Huion INSPIROY Q11K – Drawing Tablet

Huion does strike a chord with anyone of you hunting for the dime a dozen gadgets. The handy graphic tablet unbelievably carries the ultra-narrow borders – this one is so rewarding when it comes to supplying the additional workspace for other means. Huion features 11-inch drawing area giving a way to start your wild creativity with the drawing and sketch. The separated panel, 8 shortcut keys easily customized, and not to mention the pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels also exist. Speaking of the internet accessibility, it is facilitated with 2.4GHz wireless network support.

XP-Pen Star 05

Although this little guy peeps out with a minimalist look, this current tablet great for the beginners is super edgy making the technology buffs want to own it. XP-Pen Star 05 drawing tablet has a beveled edge that makes the best use of the workflow as well as 8 x 5-inch active area. The tablet’s pen or stylus battery-free comes with two buttons enabling you to both zoom in and zoom out during the drawing time. Unfortunately, the eraser tool is not included.

Ugee M708

Ugee M708 has a drawing area whose size is 10 x 6 inch as well as 5080 LPI resolution. In comparison to other tablets that are highway robbery, this pocket-friendly tablet is relatively more cut-rate. For the better job organization, it provides 8 user-defined shortcuts. What makes it more imposing is its ability to register 230 reports just in a second. This stylish electronic piece with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity supports innumerable operating systems and is corresponding to Photoshop, Corel Painter, and Lightroom.

Turcom TS-6610

The graphics drawing tablet of Turcom TS-6610 owns design similar to the model of Huion. This light guy that is moveable highlights 8 onboard hot-keys in which you can go for your desired tools and shortcuts headlong. It sports 10 x 6.25 drawing area letting you feel comfortable when creating the peachy illustration. The 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity help you vary the drawing line with high accuracy. Moreover, this sort is very compatible with any major software from Autodesk across Windows to Adobe.

Wacom Bamboo

As a matter of fact, Wacom Bamboo is the milder version of Wacom Intuos Pro. As it is excellent in flexibility and ergonomics, you will find it easy to lug and transfer. The drawing tablet of which scale is around 5.8 x 3.6 inch and resolution is 2540 LPI is budget-friendly – with 80 USD, this gadget can be delivered to your home. It showcases pressure sensitivity of 1024 levels and a bamboo pen where you could manipulate the drawing carefully with your hands.

Huion 680s

The catchy drawing tablet of Huion 680s is considered the smallest product and the one which is the most portable. This guy is, without doubt, fitting for all beginners looking for something economical. With its 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, the users are capable of portraying a line capricious in width as well as opacity. The stylus of the Huion 680s is packed with AAA battery that is able to perform for about 40 hours. From digital painting to signing E-documents, this gadget literally is versatile.

Huion 420

Huion 420 with an active drawing area of 4 x 2.23 inches is indeed easy to use and powerful for fresh learners. Since it comes with small size well-matched to your laptop case, this guy is trouble-free to carry around. The features of this up-to-the-minute technology product include 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, a resolution of 4000 LPI, and great response rate (200 reports just in a second). The interesting side is that the left-handed users can exploit the drawing tablet.

Huion H610PRO

Huion H610PRO - Drawing Tablet

Huion H610PRO – Drawing Tablet

Another tablet for your fun drawing with a lightweight feature is certainly the Huion H610PRO. The battery-free device owns a 10 x 6.25 inch area which is supported by 16 hotkeys down the screen. The 8 express keys make the utility value of this tablet higher and more sophisticated. It boasts an array of charming highlights that encompass the pressure sensitivity of 2048 levels, a resolution of 5080 LPI. And this sort fits with major applications like Adobe Photoshop and Manga Studio.

In short, the recommended drawing tablets in the 10 lists are such awesome preferences for the beginners. Have you decided your own?


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