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15 Sites That Provide Awesome Free Business Card Templates

A business card is a small sized card that is printed with a company or an individual’s contact information related to the professional business occupation. It is normally exchanged during a formal introduction. Traditionally, business cards were simply black and white, nowadays, business cards have implemented the aspect of visual design.

In this article, we provide 20 sites that can give you free business card templates. Customize it, print it, and share it with your colleagues. However, in choosing a business card template, there are a few things to take into consideration. Choose a business card that has simple designs, has a single image as the focal point, make sure that important information is included, has an easy to read font, and lastly, know that a business card is like a mini version of your professional self, make it a high-quality one.

Here are the sites to a free business card template. Now is the time that you own one.


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Canva – Business Card Makers

Canva is a website that provides templates for many layouts, such as announcements, book covers, bookmarks, business cards, brochures, calendars, cards, CD covers, certificates, and so much more.

In the business cards section, you can pick a theme according to your business. They provide a business card template for actor, automotive, babysitting, contractor, dental, electrician, writer.


Instantprint serves the design for flyers and leaflets, business cards, booklets, posters, et cetera. The business card designs that they offer are divided into two categories, paid business cards and free business cards template. They have over 480 free business cards template.

The way to customize your business card through instant print is: choose your design from a range of templates, customize the template using the online design tool, choose the paper, quantity, and finish the product, lastly, your design is ready for print.


Brother is more targeted for a classic looking business card. Its design consists of mostly white background with some accents around the card. They also come in various categories for your business, like education, fundraising, healthcare, professional services, real estate, sales promotion, and many more. However, each category does not provide you with a wide range of variety. The minimum is 2, and the maximum is 36.


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PSprint – Wedding Invitation Designs

PsPrint is a one-stop online business card shopping and printing service. Thousands of business and nonprofit organizations have used PsPrint for their business card. Their designs look somewhat classic and very business-like.

They have five different printing materials: standard, ultra, folded, uncoated, and die-cut.


freepik Free Clip Art


When you go to the Freepik website, know that it is a website of many types of visual designs. To find your free business card, type ‘business cards’ on the search bar, and you will be shown hundreds of free business cards template. Unlike the other websites, you aren’t provided with categories; you have to scroll down until you find the one that applies to you the most. Download and edit.

Office Templates

Office by Microsoft has been so generous to its users, and now they provide business cards template. Choose freely and edit them straight away from your Microsoft Word.


Southworth is a site under Neenah Paper company, they are recognized as a world-class manufacturer of premium writing, text, cover, specialty, and private watermark papers.  In this site, you will only find ten free business cards template.


Freegraphicdesign’s tagline is “The Ultimate Design Resource: & It’s Totally Free!”. All you need to do is go to the Freebies tab and scroll your way through the many free templates that are provided. However, the downside of this website is that it is no categorized, so you can’t specifically find business cards template, you have to scroll through it until you find one.


For all the Photoshop beginner, this is your business cards template hunting place. It offers a PSD format for you to edit in Photoshop and they come in various color options. Their design looks modern and digital.


Here is a PSD formatted free printable business cards template, it is downloadable in Photoshop & Illustrator. The designs look clean, modern, and classic at the same time. Perfect for a professional personal business card.


Pixeden is a clean looking website that offers free printable template. Each free printable template is formatted in CMYK mode color and designed to be printed at the resolution of 300 DPI. They provide formats such as AI for Adobe Illustrator, EPS for Vestor, and a few PSD for Adobe Photoshop.

The free templates are on the Free tab, scroll down to find your perfect business card because there are other templates also, like card invitation, flyer, et cetera.


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Behance – PowerPoint Templates Free Download

Behance is originally a website or a place for a designer to showcase their work, some of them are just for display, some of them are for sale, and some of the works can be downloaded for free.

Here is three free business cards template that we have curated for you:


Depending on what your preferences are, FreshBusinessCards prepared two options for you: Photoshop business cards and vector business cards.

However, the vector business cards only have six options for you to download and edit. The Photoshop business cards, on the other hand, provides you various options. These business cards are more designed for a personal and fun looking business cards.


Similar to Behance, Deviantart is also a place for designers, photographers, and other visual designers showcase the work that they have done. And luckily, we found you one free business card template to download.

This is a white-based business card template with little black dots, complimented by red and a focal point of your chosen title.


This website shows you all about business cards, they have icons, vectors, templates, and all. However, you need to scroll and click on the next page to find the most applicable one.

Those are the 15 sites that provide awesome free business card templates for your work and personal or professional need. Dive in and choose the one that grabs your professional attention instantly.

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