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7 Sites for Designing Free Business Cards Like a Professional

To enter the professional world and to get respects from other people, you shall build a good impression about yourself. Besides being polite in every circumstance and know how to build networking with everyone, a good business card is needed. Without a business card, it’s harder to build a business connection with other people in a business meeting.

Not only to earn respect, but a business card is also needed to give information about your job to other people, so it will be easy for them to contact you to talk about business or job opportunity. But, designing a reputable business card may be a little bit difficult for you who do not have experience in graphic design.

No need to worry, because there are many sites that you can use to design free business cards. Besides, they are also easy to use, and professional design graphic experience is not needed. So tempting right? Then, here are the sites that will help you to make business cards for networking purposes:

Biz Card Maker

Business card maker - Free Business Cards

Business card maker

Bizcardmaker provides some simple design templates that you can use to design free business cards. You can also edit the information to include: your name, your contact number, as well as your company name, your email, your position, and add your company logo. After that, you just have to download it by clicking the download button and choose whether you want a PDF file or JPG file.

The free business card designs that Bizcardmaker provides is professional enough to impress another person. However, it doesn’t fit creative workers such as social media specialist, creative copywriter, make-up artist, etc. We say that because people with those jobs need more fancy and attractive business cards, and Bizcardmaker cannot give it for free with its non-customizable and limited free business cards design.

Free Logo Services

If the free business card designs that Bizcardmaker provides are too boring and limited for you, Freelogoservices is a better option. There are so many free business cards designs that you can choose, and you can pick it based on the job categories!

In addition to myriad choices, you can edit the font and the template’s colors as well! Freelogoservices also allows you to design the backside of your business card, but if you do not intend to do it you can just skip it after designing the front side.


Canva - Business Card Makers


Canva is so famous since it provides so many design templates, from Instagram posts, flyers, Youtube covers, to free business cards. The designs are so eye catching and stunning as well. So, if you are working in the creative field and want to impress your client, Canva is a good answer for you!

If you have no time designing your free business cards on your personal computer, you can design it in your smartphone or another gadget simply by downloading Canva application in Playstore and App Store. The designs that you have made will be recorded by Canva, and you can use or edit it again later. So practical and easy to use!


Jukebox - Free Business Cards


Jukebox provides some modern designs of free business cards and claims that those are the cutting-edge of the industry standard. It is not a lie since the designs are attractive and can enhance your professional profile as well.

The free business cards templates that Jukebox provides are so colorful but not childish. It suits those who work in modern companies or start-up companies. The designs give a dynamic impression once the people accept your business card. You can also save the design you have worked in to be finished later.

Design Mantic

Design Mantic - Free Business Cards

Design Mantic

For a free business cards design sites, DesignMantic has a good UX (User Experience)—although the UI (User Interface) is quite basic for the free users. First, there is a dialog box that asks you to input your name and company, then followed by a column to input your company/work categories.

The information is so important to let DesignMantic give you the design that suits your job. You can edit other information such as your address, your email, and your phone number later, before downloading the business card that you have designed. The designs provided for business cards are not as colorful as Canva, but good enough for you who work in formal sectors.

Business Card Land

You can guess what this site is about only by seeing its name. As a “business card land”, there are plenty of free business cards design that you can pick based on your interest and your job type.

The dialog box provides more complete columns for you to fill. From your name, your addresses, your phone number, your company, your email, etc. After filling out the form, you can customize the template that you have chosen before and download it in PDF file. Business Card Land lets you choose single or multiple (eight until ten) free business cards per page for printing.

Business Card Star

business card star - Free Business Cards

business card star

Business Card Star provides not only wonderful postcard designs, but also free business cards as well—even though the UX is so monotonous. Besides, who need wonderful UX if all you want is just make a good business card template? You just need easy UI to direct you in designing free business cards.

You can choose to pay for some ready to send business cards or make abusiness cards designs and print them on your own. The designs are divided into some categories from corporate designs to flashy business cards. The templates are also customizable, and you can choose whether you want one side or two sides.

After designing your own business card, you can choose to print it directly, or you can choose to save it in PDF format. To economize the papers, gently choose multiple layouts with 8 to 10 cards per page.

It is not that difficult to make a professional business card, is it? And if you want some inspirations to make business cards, you can google them and apply it to your business card design with the help from those sites! Good look designing!

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