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Designers, These Are the Best Places to Find Free High-Resolution Images

Imagine having a website with just plain texts and no picture. Your website might look dull and unimpressive to the visitors. Even with the help of an impressive compilation of vector images and clip arts, a website would still need images to help convey the campaign.

Whether you are selling products or campaigning something, it has been proven that photographs and images attract people as much as an engaging tagline. This is why words and images should be integrated into the website to attract visitors and gain interaction.

On the other hand, capturing images that match with the website might not be an easy thing. Unless you have photography skills and the resource to do it, looking for free high-resolution images on the internet seems to be a more reasonable thing to do. Downloadable images across the internet can be found and used depending on its copyright consent.

Know The Image’s License

license protection - Designers, These Are the Best Places to Find Free High-Resolution Images
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License protection –

Apparently, you can’t just pick up images online and put it on your website or other platforms. There are at least three types of licenses that cover the copyright of the images. If you are not careful with this, you may end up dealing with the law. Some of the licenses are free to use like in the free high-resolution images, while you may need to pay for the copyright for some others.

Public Domain

Public Domain images mean that anyone can use the photo freely without having to give credit or pay a royalty to any party. However, images with Public Domain status in one country may not be available for another. You may need to check on the availability before you can even open the image. Some of the most widely found images with Public Domain status is from the government and organization like NASA or historical photos. Similar to this license is the Common Creative Zero (CC0) license.

GNU Public License

The GNU Public License is the license that is basically used to put software under license. Images and photos with this label can be used and modified as long as it is still under the same terms. Furthermore, the images that have been altered should credit the original photo source.

Common Creative License

Images labeled with a Common Creative License means that it can be viewed and used as a personal reference. With three layers of license design, the Common Creative License does not allow the image to be used commercially. Each image has layered identity that can detect whether the image is reused commercially or not.


Free High-Resolution Images and Where to Find Them

Unsplash - Free Stock Images - free high-resolution images

Unsplash – free high-resolution images

Unsplash offers a collection of photographs submitted by photographers from around the world. You can choose to collect the photo on your Unsplash account or download it for free. The free high-resolution images are displayed in a feed classified by the trend, new upload, featured and curated. On the website, you will find ranges of beautiful photos with different styles—all for free.

Flickr - free high-resolution images

Flickr collection of images comes from The National Library of the United Kingdom. Flickr encourages its users to upload and download photographs and images and be part of their photo-sharing community. You will find free high-resolution images from the newest to older scanned photos.

Pixabay - Free Stock Images

Pixabay – Free Stock Images

Not just free high-resolution images, Pixabay offers a vast collection of photographs, vector graphics, illustrations, and videos. All file is licensed under a Common Creative Zero (CC0) license which makes it safe to use without any attribution. Users, however, may also upload their artwork and make it available for other users.

public domain archive - Designers, These Are the Best Places to Find Free High-Resolution Images

public domain archive – free high-resolution images

All the images provided on the website are free and licensed with Public Domain license or same as the CC0 license. Though you may sign up and download the images individually, offers premium membership where you can download images by the same category in bulk.

Browse all categories of images on Being a part of Getty Images, the website is one of the best libraries of digital images. Not only downloading free high-resolution images, users may also upload their photographs and get curated. This also means that the photos on the website are carefully selected before it is available for the users.

Wikimedia Commons - free high-resolution images

Wikimedia Commons – free high-resolution images

Wikimedia is a directory of images with Public Domain or a free license. Most of the images are free to be reused without any special permission. However, wiki encourages users to attribute or credit the photo’s owner in forms of notes or links. Since not all of the images have a free license, it is recommended that you verify the license of copyright before processing on the download.

shopify burst - free high-resolution images

shopify burst – free high-resolution images

Powered by Shopify, Burst is a stock photo website that provides free high-resolution images for entrepreneurs. Users can enhance their business idea with the images. The photos are submitted by contributors from all over the world. It is arranged by categories to make searching easier. The license allows users to use, edit, and modify the images to suit their needs. However, crediting and acknowledging the photographer’s name is highly recommended.

Foodiesfeed - free high-resolution images


Foodiesfed has a collection of food and all other images related to the dining experience. Licensed under the Common Creative Zero, the photos on the site would be suitable for restaurants, professional chefs, or food bloggers. Users can both upload and download the images as long as it meets the Foodiesfed standard of free high-resolution images. The images are categorized using tags so users will find it easily in the search box.

A website for free high-resolution images is like a treasure chest for designers. You can find almost anything on it. Most of the images available are divided by tags and have easy-to-search categories. Also, some of the websites require you to sign up for the free membership before proceeding on downloading the images.

Generally speaking, all of the websites mentioned above provides collections of free high-resolution images that can be used, modified, and edited to fit your needs. Still, attributing or crediting the original owner or source would be sensible ethics.

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