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5 Alternatives to Tackle the ‘No More Free Images Download’ Policy

This is probably what you normally do when you see an interesting photo online. For example: you love the crazy concept house and feel like turning it into your PC wallpaper. Just go to Google images, click the photo of your choice, and press ‘View Image’ before using it as a wallpaper. Free images download is not a new thing.

According to Deccan Chronicle on February 16, 2018, Google has made a few changes. One of them was to remove the ‘View Image’ button. With the ‘Visit Page’ button still existing, Google aims to encourage users to visit the image’s source website. This is also to protect copyrights and licenses of original, professional photographers, designers, and publishers.

To some users, the ‘no free images download’ policy may seem to be a drag. This means being unable to use the existing pictures that you like, whether as a PC wallpaper or blog posts.

However, you do not have to worry. Just because of this ‘no free images download’ policy from Google search engine, this does not mean there is no other way. In fact, you have plenty alternatives to get the pictures you really like from the internet.

Through Google search alone, this is what you can do:

  1. Click the photo of your choice.
  2. Right-click the photo, then select the ‘Open Image in a new tab’
  3. Once the photo is open in another tab, right-click again before you select the ‘Save As’

It only takes a different approach, but the result is still the same. Despite the ‘no free images download’ policy, you can still get the picture of the photograph that you really, really like. It is no problem if you are already a designer or photographer yourself.

However, what if you lack the skills when it comes to visuals? You can ask your friends with more talent and professionalism in this department, or you can try these methods:

If you would only like to use that picture as your personal desktop wallpaper, you do not need to worry so much about the copyrights infringements issue. However, if you would like to use it for online projects, whether it is a blog post or a website article, do not forget to include the original source(s) as the credit. The last thing you want is to face a lawsuit over a picture you like on the internet.

Other 5 Alternatives to Get the Photos You Like Despite the ‘No Free Images Download’ Policy:

Internet consists of many sources that you can find. Instead of relying only on one, why not search for other alternatives? That way, your choices vary, which will also help you in getting more creative.

The ‘no free images download’ policy does not mean you have to compromise with your creativity. Here are the 5 alternatives to get the photos that you like online:


Unsplash - Free Stock Images

Unsplash – Free Stock Images

Unsplash is one of the perfect alternatives here. With its tagline “Photos for Everyone”, Unsplash provides you free images to download for any projects that you need. Started as a humble Tumblr blog four years ago, Unsplash has grown into an industry-leading community for photographers.

Just like all search engines, all you need is to type in keywords, and choices of images are displayed before you. Whether for personal or commercial use, all photos are free. Although not required, it is still nice if attribution is also appreciated.

Another thing: you can even submit your own photos here.


pexels - Free Images Download


Pexels is also the choice to consider. If you are looking for the best stock photos in one place, this is it. From random free images to download to photos by professional photographers, you can find them here. Their mission is to empower creators.

Licensed under Creatives Common Zero (CC0), Pexels offer various photos to complete your beautiful products and designs. Even better, once you like the artwork of a specific photographer here, you can search any names on the ‘Top Photographers’ section.


Stocksnap also offers you high-resolution photos or images. The best thing about this site is that it does not display low-quality photos. Also under the license of CC0, Stocksnap displays various free images to download. You can either search by categories or the list of keywords in ‘popular searches’.

With Stocksnap, you can even search photos by what is trending at the moment. Attribution is appreciated although not required. You can even submit your own photos to share and be used by other users through this website.


shopify burst - free high-resolution images

shopify burst

Just like its name, Burst has a mission to help users to burst their creativity juices in digital images. To fuel your next project, Burst updates its photo collection regularly. You can choose the stock photos that you like, either through its search engine, from the keywords of the ‘popular searches’, to ‘new photos’ section.

There are also popular selections in Burst. Not only that, but you can also get business tips on how to make your products look more interesting. Of course, this only works out if you choose the right free images to download.


Freepik free images download


Freepik is also the best alternative resource for free images to download. From free vectors, PSD, icons, and regular photos, you can find them all here. It is just like its tagline: “Graphic resources for everyone”.

Various photos displayed on Freepik can be used for many things. For example: images for company logos, an infographic, or brochures. Currently, Freepik is also offering hundreds of free vectors daily. From realistic pictures to animated ones, go ahead and take your pick.

So, it turns out that the ‘no free images downloadpolicy is not something to be afraid of. As long as you are eager to search for alternatives online, there is always a solution. Because of these various choices, you have more pictures to choose and better ideas to work on.

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