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10 Sources of Free Images for Commercial Use (No Attribution Needed)

Having a consistent source of free images for commercial use will help your design project greatly. Many websites offer free images that turn out to be low in quality. However, there are still some legit websites that give you high-quality images for free. You can even use them without attributions, perfect to create seamless designs.

Here are ten websites you can bookmark for constant sources of free, no-attribution, high-quality photos.


picjumbo free images for commercial use

picjumbo free images for commercial use

Picjumbo now comes with fresher layouts and more high-quality images, unlike its old version. The photos fall into various categories located at the bottom of the webpage, such as Business, People, Abstract, Food, Woman, Fashion, and Love. Some of the photos have links called “More Images Like This”, which help you find similar photos for consistent illustration themes.

Picjumbo offers newsletters that send you the newest photos from the categories you like. While this website has premium membership and paid packages, the free version is usually enough for most of the design projects.

New Old Stock

Need high-definition vintage photos for your design? New Old Stock provides numerous old photos from different periods. Most of the photos are black-and-white, but there are also the colorful ones. All the pictures on this website are from public archives, so you can freely use them without attributions.

New Old Stock also offers paid packages, and each consist of high-definition, professionally-edited photos to use for various design themes. However, the free version is regularly updated, and gives good vintage stock photos for your design purposes.


gratisography free images for commercial use

gratisography free images for commercial use

Gratisography is a straightforward stock photo website, offering high-resolution photos from various themes. Unlike Picjumbo, the categories are placed on top of the webpage, right under the description. You can choose photos from categories such as People, Animals, Urban, Objects, Nature, and even Whimsical.

All the pictures of this website are not only copyright-free, but also added weekly. If you love having more than one stock photo sources for your design projects, add this website to your list.

Public Domain Archive

Public Domain Archive offers huge arrays of free images for commercial use, ranging from vintage to contemporary photos. There are also colored and black-and-white photos, almost all of them with high resolution. The main categories are split into Daily Images, Vintage Images, and Modern Images, but there are also smaller categories to explore.

Public Domain Archive adds new images every week. You may need quite a long time to explore this website, but the rich sources will help with any of your design projects.

Death to the Stock Photo

Death to the Stock Photo free images for commercial use

Death to the Stock Photo free images for commercial use

The name of the website may sound a little sensational, but it is actually a good source for professional images. Unlike many sources that showcase typical Instagram photo-like images, Death to the Stock Photo offers high-resolution photos for more serious design themes. The website offers photos from various categories, such as business, culinary, people, and nature.

Unlike other websites, which offer you free images right from the start, Death to the Stock Photo will ask you to enter your email address for newsletters. While this may sound forceful, this website is actually worth the subscription if you need professional photos.


Magdeleine offers high-resolution photos from various categories, but with the photographers’ names attached. However, each photo is still free to use. The photographers’ names and social media accounts are presented to create partnership opportunities. If you like the works of a particular photographer, and would like to work with him or her in your design project, this website will connect both of you.

The homepage of Magdeleine is simple but beautiful, and it regularly features the photographer who submits the “Photo of the Day”, complete with the link to the featured photo.

The Pattern Library

This is not a source for stock photos, but patterns. If you often use patterns in your design, this website provides many copyright-free fresh, colorful, and funky patterns. The homepage of the website directly features a pattern, and you can switch to another one by clicking the arrow buttons on the top right. Just click on the menu button if you want to see the entire collection.

Each pattern featured in The Pattern Library has the name of the designer, just in case you want to contact him or her for partnership. However, all the images are free of attributions. You can even contribute your own designs.

Foodie’s Feed

As the name suggests, Foodie’s Feed consists of food-related images. You can see the names of the photographers on the pages, but the images are attribution-free. There are no specific categories, so you need to take your time when trying to find the right images for your specific design. The photos not only consist of dishes, but also ingredients, beverages, snacks, desserts, and people in food-related situations.

You can sign up to access various additional features on the website. If you are a photographer, you can also upload your works.


Unsplash free images for commercial use

Unsplash free images for commercial use

Unsplash is a typical free stock photo source, which features clean design and various free photo categories. You can find photos of people, nature, foods, buildings, and close-ups of various objects. Some of the photos have Instagram-like grainy, dark-edged quality, which may or may not be suitable for your design projects.

The homepage features search box right in front of your eyes once you open the website. While looking for specific photos can be time-consuming, Unsplash always offers at least ten new photos every week, so you will always have fresh supplies of images.


picography free images for commercial use

picography free images for commercial use

Picography is a minimalist free image source, which features a simple search box and the images. The categories are located at the bottom of the webpage, and consist of common topics such as people, nature, city, street, technology, and wildlife. Each picture has an actual title, so you can refer to the object’s name in your design if necessary.

While Picography’s library is not too extensive, the photos tend to have “artsy” quality compared to other stock photo sources.

Finding the best free images for commercial use is very easy nowadays. Bookmark some or all of these websites to get endless image sources for your design projects.

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