photonify - 7 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography

7 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography

The wedding is one of the important days in most of the people’s life. Not only the party itself and also the food, the good photography is needed to keep those good memories forever. That is why all the people want a professional photographer on their wedding day.

If you are a photographer specializes in the wedding or would like to do it, then you will have a good career since there will always be some weddings every single weekend. But, having good skill and camera is not enough. You need to make a beautiful photos theme with photo editing in Adobe Lightroom.

And if you don’t have much time to do it, Lightroom presets can help. You also don’t have to pay a single buck for it since there are many platforms that provide free Lightroom presets for you. All you have to do is just extract these free Lightroom presets, open your Adobe Lightroom, import the photos, and add those free presets lightroom into the presets panel.

Therefore, are you ready to make a gorgeous and memorable wedding photograph? Let’s beautify them with the free Lightroom presets provided by these sites:

Free Lightroom Presets

free lightroom presets - 7 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography

free lightroom presets

This site doesn’t only provide many premia free Lightroom presets, but also a high quality of them. Whether you want a modern ambiance or classic one, all you want to have is here.

There is 35 free lightroom presets provided. For a classic look, you can choose Luc Besson or Sky Fall. For more modern look, you can choose Cosmic Dancer or 3RD Dimension, all are in your favor.

To download the Lightroom presets, you just have to click on your preferred Lightroom presets, then, it will be downloaded as soon as possible in the zip files. It is so easy to download Lightroom presets on this site that they are already more than 1 M downloads on it.


photonify - 7 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography


This site is such a photographer’s best friend. Not only the premium free Lightroom presets with affordable price, but also the free ones that you can download instantly to your device. The free Lightroom presets are categorized based on the photo’s theme, such as family photo Lightroom presets, newborn photo Lightroom presets, to the wedding photo itself.

The free wedding lightroom preset is so soft and calming, bringing joy to every people who see the photos. To download the free Lightroom presets, first you have to input your name and your email, then the free Lightroom you have chosen will be downloaded. 

Present love

preset love - 7 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography

preset love

Do you want to bring a bunch of love to your wedding photograph? You must visit From Divina Lova to Summer, all this free lightroom presets suit every wedding’s theme, either modern wedding, classic wedding, or wedding with a vintage touch.

It is also quite easy to download the free Lightroom presets in this site. In the first page, you will be shown to the latest free Lightroom presets. If you want to choose based on the best list of free Lightroom presets, you can choose “Top Presets” sub-menu from the list. On the other hands, if you want your photos to seem like a painting, you can choose “Brush Presets”

Envira Gallery

Actually, this site is not exclusively a site to download lightroom presets since it is a photography tips site. But, the free Lightroom presets provided are worth to have, especially for the wedding photos.

There is 121 free lightroom presets provided that you can choose based on your interest. From vintage look to the pop look, all will make you fall in love, and maybe, you will be confused in choosing the best one since all the free Lightroom presets are so wonderful.


on1 - 7 Free Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography


Not only for the Adobe Lightroom, but On1 also provided lightroom presets for Apple Aperture and Adobe Camera Raw. Just like another lightroom presets provider, you can buy premium Lightroom presets, or you can download the free Lightroom.

If you want to download free Lightroom presets, you have to fill the form first. After you fill the form, On1 will send you the link to download all free Lightroom you need. Make sure you have input the right email so that you can directly download the free Lightroom presets package from On1


Sleek legs is a marketplace to buy all the stuff related to photo editing, included Lightroom presets. But as the starter, Sleeklens will give you a package of free Lightroom presets.

Just like when you want to buy the premium ones, you have to add it to chart, and then pay it with only US$ 0 for the free Lightroom presents. Although it is free, the Lightroom presets are so gorgeous and will make your wedding photos more exclusive and heart-warming.

Fix the Photos

This site will really fix your photos. Even though the User Interface is standard, but there are many jaw-dropping lightrooms presets package that will amuse you and make you feel confused in choosing.

Actually, the premium photos provided are not expensive, and you will get more than 100 amazing Lightroom presets that you can use not only to edit the wedding photos but also another kind of photos.

However, if you are tight on budget and just want to get free Lightroom presets, you can download it on Fix The Photos. There are many free lightrooms presets choices, and to download it, you can click this link.

For the wedding matter, there is about 30 free Lightroom presets that you can pick. Nonetheless, other Lightroom presets options are as good as the wedding Lightroom presets, such as B&W Lightroom presets or landscape Lightroom presets.

To get the free Lightroom presets from Fix the Photos, you have to fill the registration form in the first place, including your email. After that, a direct link to download the Lightroom presets will be sent to you, and you can download it later to your device.

All of those sites have given you many free lightrooms presets choice so that you do not have to take much time in designing photos and make them wonderful since the clients want to get their wedding photos as soon as possible. And all of the Lightroom presets provided are good, but the choice is all yours.

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