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Experience Photo Editing Like A Pro with These 10 Free Photo Editor Apps

Are you a smartphone photography enthusiast? You must always be busy looking for the most Instagrammable spots, objects, or angles, especially when you are traveling, mustn’t, you?

Despite its drawbacks compared to an SLR/DSLR, people today are more into mobile photography. It is way cheaper and more user-friendly. Pocket cameras are so yesterday. All you need is a phone camera and free photo editor apps. Then, you are ready to share your best captures on your social media. Below is a list of 10 free photo editor apps you must not miss.


Snapseed Free Photo Editor Apps

Snapseed Free Photo Editor Apps

Developed by Google, this free photo editor is the right tool to start your interest in mobile photography with. It is a user-friendly app but enhanced with some sophisticated features that will make you capture countless moments like a pro. Following are some of the features.

  • The adjustment of exposure, coloring, and sharpening
  • JPG and RAW file supporting
  • Photo filters and effects (grunge, black and white, vintage, blur, etc.)
  • Frame, collage, and text editor
  • Cropping and perspective setting
  • Brushes, object-removing tool, and selective adjustments

If you are a newbie on iPhone/iPad/Android photography, this app should be your first photo editor to help you begin and learn the mobile photography.


vsco cam Free Photo Editor Apps

vsco cam Free Photo Editor Apps

Produced by Visual Supply Company, the free photo editor used to be a paid app. If you are looking for an advanced photo editor on mobile photography, then VSCO (pronounced Visco) is one of the best choices. Enhanced with a large variety of filters, this app can beat Instagram.

Despite the great photo editing result, there is a little inconvenience caused when operating this photo editing app as the names of the features are in codes and icons, instead of words. Here are the features in VSCO that will turn your captures into an expert’s ones:

  • Powerful filters to add to your images
  • Adjustments for coloring, exposure, sharpening, cropping, and many more
  • An integrated camera and platform to share your photos directly to social media
  • Subtle presets beautifully placed on the app
  • Numerous presets to be downloaded

Get the app for free on App Store and Google Play!

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio Free Photo Editor Apps

PicsArt Photo Studio Free Photo Editor Apps

Having been downloaded for more than 450 million times, this free photo editor is also always kept updated by its developer. No wonder the app available on Google Play and App Store is always full of surprises and fun stuff like attractive filters, fonts for texting, and stickers. Not to mention beautiful frames and colleges to arrange your photo collections with.

The app also provides a place for a community to share their edited pictures with. You may also create animated gifs and draw on your photos. Thanks to this all-in-one free photo editor!


pixlr Free Photo Editor Apps

pixlr Free Photo Editor Apps

Developed by AutoDesk, this free photo editor offers every mobile photography enthusiast a chance to show off more powerful photos. There are countless user-friendly tools and features you can use. Also, overlays (a.k.a. filters) will enhance the quality of your captures. Not to mention the popular cosmetic editor such as teeth whitener, facial slimmer, and blemish remover. Available in iOS and Android, this app can make your selfie better.


Well known as one of the most visited social media platforms, Instagram itself is a free photo editor that some of us may not even realize. No surprises as nowadays it is treated as merely a social media app, especially after it was taken over by Facebook in 2012.

Unfortunately, unlike the other free photo editor, Instagram has no strong features. You can directly share your edited photos and videos with the others in the community or to the other social media platforms. Sign up for the app on iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android to experience photo editing that is brought to the next level.


As one of successful Chinese free photo editor apps, Pitu, developed by Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Ltd. offers you not only one-touch photo editing tools, but also real-time cosmetic editing features like eye-enlarging, face-slimming, and makeup tools. Not to mention fun features such as age predictor, beautiful backgrounds, and cute stickers.

No worries, this trending photo editor still has conventional tools like special filters, effects, frames, rotating, cutting, and lighting tools to make your self-photos even more gorgeous!

Photo Editor by Aviary

Developed by Aviary Inc., this free photo editor is also one of the long-lasting ones. It is also an all-in-one photo editor as you can find features like adjustments of coloring, contrast, brightness, saturation, filters, frames, as well as cosmetic editing tools like blemish and red eye remover, and teeth whitener. Available on Google Play and App Store, this app is ready for you to download.


This free photo editor is also one of the long-lasting ones. It also has a similar concept to Instagram, a photo editor with a large community for photo sharing. In fact, it was founded by Ludicorp in 2004 which is way earlier than Instagram and taken over by Yahoo the following year. Flickr also has more advanced photo editing tools compared to the competitor. However, do not expect the app will work well on Windows Phone as on iPhone and Android.

Photo Lab

If you look for a rather serious free photo editor that offers a lot more than that, you can download Photo Lab. Developed by VicMan LLC, this app has numerous fashionable and hilarious filters and effects like Neon Glow, Oil Painting, etc. One of its recommended features is Face Photo Montages that can change your face into funny faces. Get the app on Google Play and App Store.

Lens Distortions

This is one of the best free photo editing apps for a pro. On this app, filters are called overlays and many realistic lighting effects can be applied here. This unique app offers you overlays formed from the photos of similar elements like sunlight, glass fragments, and haze. Catch everyone’s attention with the mesmerizing results of photo editing by Lens Distortions for free, only on iOS/App Store.

Conclusion: pick your free photo editor wisely

Unless you only want to have fun with your phone camera, you should choose your free photo editor app wisely. Pictures edited in a powerful photo editor app will satisfy your taste more and bring mobile photography to the next level. So, are you ready to be a professional mobile photographer?


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