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Top 10 Free Wireframe Tools for Website Builders

To help you do the job faster, the use of free wireframe tools are highly recommended. Not only it will help you make and revise the layout more efficiently, but it will also support the next steps of making a website.

When you are building a website, a wireframe should be the first to make before you go on to designing the whole site. The wireframe or mockup will function as the blueprint for your website. Whether you are building a website for a client or for your own company, the use of website wireframe is important.

Basically, a wireframe consists of simple lines, diagrams, shapes, and wordings. However, this simple design would play an important role in determining some key elements of the website such as logo, tagline, buttons, banners, footer, and navigation tabs and links.

Build Your Website with These Free Wireframe Tools

Though you can easily make the website blueprint on a piece of paper or draw it on the whiteboard, using digital tools to make the wireframe should give you more advantages than just diagrams. There are many applications that charged the cost to install, but you can always take advantages of the free tools available on the market. However, some of the free wireframe tools might ask for a paid upgrade.

Wireframe cc


wireframe cc - Top 10 Free Wireframe Tools for Website Builders

wireframe cc – Free Wireframe Tools is a website-based wireframe tool. With a simple interface, you will find a clutter-free application that can be combined with exported images. This free wireframe tools offer limited color palette in order to let users focus on the layout, not on the style and decorations. Yet, it has various buttons for each element of the layout. aces three templates—browser window, mobile phone, and tablet. You can also set up the layout for horizontal or vertical view on each device. The free version of is adequate for making public wireframes and single-page wireframes. Of course, you can always upgrade to premium which means it allows exporting and revisions.


Mockflow - Top 10 Free Wireframe Tools for Website Builders

Mockflow – Free Wireframe Tools

MockFlow is a website-based application and has a platform based on Adobe Photoshop. The sleek and clean interface will give you a clearer vision of how your website should be. It has adequate templates that can be integrated with various interfaces such as Android app, iOs app, Bootstrap UI, and WordPress.

With drag-and-drop components, you can easily add elements like boxes, menus, drop-down menus, and charts. This free wireframe tools would simplify the way you make a website page’s structure.

Furthermore, the web app has built-in chat feature so that you can discuss and edit the wireframe live. There are editorial authorities that can directly edit the blueprint and there are viewers who can only comment on the design.


If you are looking for something basic, SimpleDiagrams is one of the perfect free wireframe tools for you. It is a light desktop application that is built based on Adobe Air platform which can perform perfectly on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

It provides basic shapes and text so you can easily make the blueprint of the website. The application also allows users to attach photos or sticky notes to the wireframe and export it to a PNG format. This app is perfect for those who need a hassle-free operation in making a simple blueprint.


Gliffy - Top 10 Free Wireframe Tools for Website Builders

Gliffy – Free Wireframe Tools

With Gliffy, you can freely create a diagram and any other visual communication element of your websites like flowcharts, boxes, lines, and basic shapes. With a drag-and-drop navigation, Gliffy is one of the best free wireframe tools on the market.

There are also premade templates available that can be modified to your needs. To complete your blueprint, Gliffy allows users to upload and attach their own logo or buttons. This way, the visualization of the website is more detailed and reliable. As you are in the process of website building, this web-based application lets you share and collaborate with the team.


Moqups - Top 10 Free Wireframe Tools for Website Builders

Moqups – Free Wireframe Tools

Moqups is a web-based application that allows you to make diagrams, wireframes, mockups, and sitemaps. The application supports teamwork so that you can collaborate with team members in every step of the wireframe-making process.

Furthermore, Moqups offers free wireframe tools to create functional prototypes. With these prototypes, you can easily envision how the website is going to be. Overall, Moqups is an all-in-one wireframe tools that are free of charge.


Cacoo is one of the free wireframe tools that have been around for quite a long time. Its free version offers a range of templates that can be used for mobile or desktop views. With this app, you can create diagrams and flowcharts to define your website in more systematic planning.

Cacoo has a cloud-based library so that it can be accessed from just anywhere you work. Each of the team member assigned to the job can edit and revise the wireframe. You can even save different versions of the blueprint and access the track changes. Even if you decide to buy the full version, this application is still affordable.


FluidUI lets users create mockups and wireframes for a website and mobile view of the website. It is also possible for the mockups to be launched online to see if the design works or should be edited.

Using icons, widgets, and basic shapes, users will find it easy to place each of the elements on the layout. Once your mockup is launched for testing, you can gather comments and annotation to later revise the design. The web app is free for 10 screens and will have a monthly charge if you need to make more.


MockingBirds - Top 10 Free Wireframe Tools for Website Builders

MockingBirds – Free Wireframe Tools

Mockingbird is a web-based application that helps you envision the idea, the information, and the interaction of your  . The idea and the layout can be applied easily using its drag-and-drop features and premade shapes and elements.

The interaction of the website can also be tested by linking several mockups. This way, you can see the effectiveness of the link and the navigation on your websites. Lastly, this free wireframe tools lets you collaborate live through the web app so you can edit and revise the design together at the same time.


This is the best free wireframe tools if you look for something that is simple, useful, and fun. The NinjaMock creates the wireframe and lets you see the screen flows into a complete website. Not only basic templates, but NinjaMock also offers vector editor tools to make designing even easier.

Once you are finished with the design, you can launch a test page and share the link with your team. Feedbacks are available on the link so that you can improve what you have been working on so far. Another way, you can also export and share the page in PDF format.

Pencil Project

Pencil Project brings up free wireframe tools that are compatible with all kinds of platforms. Providing preexisting shapes and templates, Pencil Project may also allow you to import templates and shapes. Last but not least, this app can export the final work into various formats such as PNG, PDF, ODT, and even directly print it.

Some of the free wireframe tools may give you a full package of abilities. Yet, some of them will upgrade different features for a paid-subscription. It is recommended that you try the free version of the wireframing tools before you head on to the full or premium version.

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