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Top 8 Freelance Graphic Design Jobs for a Career

In an era where technology is taking over the world, you can have the upper hand if you are a creative, tech-savvy individual that is experienced with an artistic background. A career you might want to consider is to be a graphic designer, the cool thing about it is that you can work independently if you take a freelance graphic design as your job.

There are several types of graphic design jobs out there for a career, depending on your specialty and passion. Here, we will discuss ten career opportunities in the freelance graphic design field. It is important to be familiar with these opportunities to get a better understanding of how you will outsource your creativity as a designer.

UI Designer

Ux Vs Ui
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freelance graphic design Ux Vs Ui

The role of a UI designer is still a confusion for many people. First, UI Design stands for User Interface Design; the end goal is to provide a positive experience for the user. UI design focuses on the user’s experience visually. The design determines how the user will interact with an interface of either an app, a video game, or a website.

A UI designer is responsible for designing all the screens through which the user will move, creating the visual elements that facilitate the movement.

However, a UI designer does not work completely alone; you will be required to collaborate with others; the clients, the UX designer, and the developers.

Aside from having great visual eyes, a UI designer must also have taste and psychological intelligence to design a user-friendly interface. Understanding how people work and enjoy a visual experience matter.

Illustrator as Freelance Graphic Design

The work of an illustrator is known as an illustration. It is a visual work that is created using either digital or traditional media like drawing. The illustration is a single image on a page, or multiple sequential images of more than one pages. The outcome of an illustration may vary, some of them are drawings in a book, posters, and or paintings.

Some well-known sequenced work of an illustrator includes comic books, children’s books, and novel with graphics.

If you happen to love drawing and have a great imagination, being an illustrator is an option for you.


Animator Henry Yu

freelance graphic design – Animator Henry Yu

Now an animator’s work is not so different from an illustrator, but an animator creates moving images. It is usually a bunch of illustration that is put together to form a moving graphic, creating an animation to watch. In an animator world, these multiple images are called frames, which when sequenced together create a movement or motion called animation. These images can come from many sources: digital, hand-drawn, pictures, and models. The animation is used in making movies, ads, tv shows, video clips, and everything moving visually.

Logo Designer

Logo Designer

freelance graphic design – kyle Logo Designer

A logo is a symbol, usually a design that is adopted by an organization to identify or differentiate their product. Many tops of mind logos include Apple, Shell, Google, Microsoft and so much more. With a great logo, a brand can be unique and well characterized.

With that understanding, it sounds like a great option to be a logo designer. However, a logo designer must be great and qualified with the understanding of colors, shapes, and basic visual design concepts. If you have that skill and or build that skill within you, you can be just what companies are looking for. Most companies use a logo for their corporations, products, services, agencies, and so much more to represent their image. All of this is to have a unique and memorable logo so that customers will remember and come back.

Photoshop Artist

Working with photoshop is probably what most freelance graphic design jobs will acquire you to do—it is the basis of graphic design, you can’t leave out photo editing. However, if you dive deeper and become a master of photoshop, you can have a critical role in the industry of graphic design. Many e-Commerce companies need a product photographer to showcase their product, and photo editing allows the photo to be manipulated, cropped, color-corrected, and simply perfected.

Despite the many photo editing software out there, nearly every professional use Photoshop to edit and enhance their work. Therefore, a career using Photoshop covers almost every job there is for graphic designers.

Product Packaging-Designer

How many of you when purchasing an item look at the packaging first? Few will deny and say they don’t. But the truth is, the packaging does play a big part in influencing people’s behavior in purchasing an item.

If you want to influence people through packaging design, you can be a product packaging-designer. They design 3D shapes, including the inside and outside of the packaging. It is aimed to catch the eye of a customer in a store and persuade them to buy the product.

You need to understand design, psychology, and packaging materials.

Layout and Print-Artist

freelance graphic design

freelance graphic design – layout designer

Everyone can create a layout for images, but what makes you a layout artist is that you know where to put things, you understand composition, colors, and balance. A layout and print-artist are demanded to design the structure and layout of images and text that will be pleasing to look at once it is printed for the media.

Some of the works include magazines, zines, brochures, books, booklets, posters, portfolios, and flyers.

Keep in mind that both an in-house layout artist and a freelance layout artist is in a strong demand.

Presentation Specialist

Presentation specialists create and deliver a visual presentation that is going to be presented to a client, both internal or external. To be one, it is highly recommended to be skilled in critical thinking and multimedia, especially PowerPoint and Keynote.

So, if you are trying to figure out what freelance graphic design job fits you best, I think it’s time for you to make your call and pursue that freelance job. You can hustle from home; you can hustle from the office. It would make a great deal of additional income.

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