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14 Graphic Design Websites That Will Make Your Life Easier

When life as a designer—especially a beginner gives you lemons, you must know how to squish ‘em. You may have a wonderful idea of making a great site yet stuck with the technical details. I understand that learning a new source of codes may be quite intriguing, let alone making the best website with great interface and layout and everything. It’s not easy, I know, and that’s why, we carefully pick 14 graphic design websites and apps that are exceptionally appealing, thoughtful, detailed, and have the aim to enlighten your days as a rookie.

Type Detail

Type Detail

Type Detail – graphic design websites – psdguides

Some typography may go unnoticed and you may as well miss the chance of creating a surprisingly aesthetic visual using specific fonts. Type Detail is created by Wenting Zhang with purpose is to expound a typeface of one web every day. Web designers can start a discussion or pick up their own typefaces to explore the details and start making your own preference. This site even provides some kind of panel of discussion on fontology, chromeography, typographic, and many more.


One thing before you officially launch the site, you need to know if there’s any flaw to hide. The designer Michael Papa finds his inspiration from his close friends and relatives prior to showing off to the design industry, thus creating Critique. This website gives marvelous unbiased feedback for beginners related to their web design. Designers are changing point of view, critique, gain knowledge, and get the chance to refine their work of art before opening up to the world.



Swatches – graphic design websites – psdguides

Living by the rules of inspiration can come any minutes, iOS developer Andrew Campoli started his work and launched Swatches. This tool is exceptionally useful for a rookie web designer as it will help you choose the right color to create the best visual. How to use it? Simply snap the color of a picture of anything that comes across and creates your own color palettes. The application will tell you the nearest tone, shade, RGB or Hex value of the color to be incorporated into your design.

Phoenix The Creative Studio

Imagine you have a digital space to create your own digital and interactive work to step up the game. Phoenix the creative studio helps newcomers to redesigned their websites using the available templates and inspiration from a portfolio of other fellow designers. The site also attempts to help you display your creation in a much interactive way.


To get support and feedback from the community of creators surround your. Basically, Drip gives a tool to fund and build a community that is supported by Kickstarter to help creators on their ongoing project by sharing, previewing, and other support. For creators, this tool is highly useful in getting all the assistance they need from the field project and perform creative practice from people who love your work.

Truth Labs

Truth Labs is basically your digital lab, helping web designers create their interface focusing on usability and design. Through their sites, you will learn that making a highly appealing and functional website takes more than animations and gifs, but with also some illustrative icons and rollovers. Plus, you can just use their approach to make a beautifully-carved website.

Flow Supply

Flow Supply

Flow Supply – graphic design websites – psdguides

As a beginner, you should definitely check out Flow Supply, a source of abundant inspiration to help you start working on your visual project. This site provides you with an online gallery featuring all the artworks from designers studios, and illustrators. You can even send your finished project and showcase it to the audience.


Starting a new project may be tricky for some beginners, but not with a comprehensive resource of codes of major HTML symbols that will help you create nice various layout options. Toptal also gives you a thorough insight towards designers’ blog for in-depth design tutorials using popular techniques, technologies, and trends. ASCI characters and Unicode hexadecimal are particularly valuable in your web design.


Duroc gives you amazing inspiration on how to make a site particularly interactive and engaging. It is filled with carefully placed video, integrated with music, animations, messaging, and other elements needed for an intuitive website. As a beginner, you can see how things can flow smoothly without overbearing anything to be seen by the users. This is a great example of when you want to make an e-commerce site.

The Loniless Project

You will be able to finish any project when you are familiar with the concept and design and everything. The Loniless Project is a perfect website for beginner to learn about designing a visually great website. Made by Canadian graphic designer, Marissa Korda, the site is purposedly gives stories from people of any background. It uses animation, sound, and illustration to bring out the stories alive to make the users fully immerse to what other people have to say.

Power to Poster

Power to the Poster

Power to the Poster – graphic design websites – psdguides

You should check out the site created by Justin Kemerling and Cody Peterson of a collection of posters from designers community around the world. You want the design to be seen by the universe? Simply make one graphic poster on any topic, and submit to the site. Also, users can also see many graphic posters on social justice, women’s rights, civil rights and many more.

Dries Van Broeck Portfolio Site

To make your life easier as a rookie graphic designer doesn’t necessary has anything to do with tutorials or step-by-step guidance on how to work with HTML code etc. Dries van Broeck portfolio site is another great inspiration that showcases intuitive animation and great color scheme; you can also work with him too.

White Oak Creative

To make interesting graphic design, you must know where to start. White Oak Creative gives you any possible free lesson course through email to help you grow and build stunning web design with imagery and SEO strategy. Built by Lindsay Humes, White Oak Creative also allows you to shop themes as well.


Look for numerous graphic design inspirations in Stumbbble, a site powered by Dribbble that stores many designers’ portfolio. You can find artists and designers work of arts in many different themes, or work with them and showcase your own graphic design finished products.

There you have 14 graphic design websites that will help you through the initial stage of graphic designing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a demo tutorial on something. Instead, you can also admire fellow artists’ design and how you can incorporate the idea into your own project.


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