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10 Adobe Illustrator Tutorials to Make You Like a Pro

In the modern world when the internet grows rapidly, graphic design is a high-demand skill. If you are good at this, then it will be easy for you to be hired, or probably open your own start-up company! One of the software needed to be a professional graphic designer is Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator has a complete feature. However, it is so confusing for the beginners since the tutorials are so complex. But if you want to master Adobe Illustrator, you have to understand its basic illustrator tutorials first. Thus, what are the things you have to learn before going further to use Adobe Illustrator? Here we are the Adobe Illustrator tutorials for beginners:

Understanding Toolbox

toolbox - Illustrator Tutorials
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toolbox – Illustrator Tutorials

If you are already mastering basic computer software UI, then you have been familiar with menu and control palette in the top of the workspace. The next important thing to learn is the toolbox used in Adobe Illustrator.

The toolbox is located on the left side and contains some tools to use when working on Adobe Illustrator. Do not be afraid to try the tools one by one. Every main tool contains some sub-tools that you can expand by clicking on the tool and hold the icon, just like when you use Adobe Photoshop.

The Floating Palette

pallete - Illustrator Tutorials

pallete – Illustrator Tutorials

The floating palette is located on the right side of the workspace. Like Toolbox, it also contains some properties, but, the common uses of it are for making strokes, expand the works you have done, and to modify the colors and the gradient of them. There is some difference layout between every Adobe Illustrator edition. However, the functions are the same.

Using the Stroke Panel

store - Illustrator Tutorials

store – Illustrator Tutorials

The stroke panel is quite simple and easy to learn, but it is one of the important element to learn in Adobe Illustrator as a beginner. It is used to modify the thickness of the stroke you draw as well as the end of the open line.

To modify the thickness, you can adjust the weight. The bigger the number you input, the thicker it is. After that, you can change the end of the open line by choosing the cap beside the weight column.

Raster to Vector with Image Trace

raster to vector - Illustrator Tutorials

raster to vector – Illustrator Tutorials

Thanks to Live Image, you do not have to scan your illustration on a paper, and then spend many hours just to trace it. You just have to select the photo that you have uploaded to the workspace, and then click the “Image Trace” at the top of the workspace, then click voila, your photo has been transformed into a vector. To modify it, you can use Preset or click the icon beside it.

Pen Tool for Drawing

Pen Tool is a little bit difficult to use and to control, but, if you get used to it, you will find that it is the most important tool if you want to master Adobe Illustrator. Well, you can not master it as soon as possible, even though you have understood the function of it. You have to practice it every single day and looking for the design inspiration to be applied as the example. To understand the basic use of Pen Tool, you can learn the illustrator tutorials with Pen Tool made by the illustrator Ian Yates.

Clip The Path in a Picture

The Clipping Path is a very useful tool to clip a picture to several shapes. For example, you want to clip a picture into round shape. To apply the clipping path, first, you have to draw a shape after adding a new image, then select the layer destination. Remember to not select the path on the layer set, because if you do that, it won’t work well.

Making Good Logo in Pathfinder Effects

To make a logo, you have to learn and understand the Pathfinder Effects. Pathfinder Effects is located in the Effects menu, and by using the effects, you can create several unique shapes from the shape that you have made/choose before. For Example, you can combine two shapes into one shape, subtract it, or modify the intersection.

Brush and Brush Libraries

brush library - Illustrator Tutorials

brush library – Illustrator Tutorials

You can modify the paths on the Adobe Illustrator by using brush and brush libraries. Those two things are located in the Window menu. The Brush sub-menu allows you to apply the brush directly, while the Brush Libraries lets you choose the brush provided by the Adobe Illustrator.

There are some types of brush that you can choose. First, bristle brushes that give natural brush look. Second, pattern brushes to paint the pattern with the tiles repeated. Third, scatter brushes that can be used to disperse an object repeatedly to the path you’ve to choose, and the last is the calligraphic brushes that are more simple than other brushes, but more classic and can be applied in several kinds of design.

The Layers Panel

layer - Illustrator Tutorials

layer – Illustrator Tutorials

Layer panel is the necessary thing to understand so that you will not be confused in arranging the illustration you have been done. This thing is already mentioned in the Clipping Path section, and it is located on the right side of the workspace.

If the layer panel doesn’t exist, you can add it from the Windows menu, then click on the layers. In the layer panel, you can move some layers, hide the layers, or delete them.

Recognizing The Files Format

All the illustrator tutorials won’t be useful if you do not know the formats provided by Adobe Illustrator.

There are several file formats that you can pick before saving your work. Don’t get wrong, because if you pick the wrong format and you already close the workspace, it will be difficult for you to convert it into other formats without ruining the design.

To save the file in .ai format or regular format of Adobe Illustrator, you can choose Save As and then choose to save in .ai format. Later, you still can edit it. You can pick other formats in the column, such as compressed SVG or PDF format.

But, if you want to save it in the picture format such as JPEG or PNG format, you have to choose Expo

rt sub- menu instead of Save As. This submenu is located in the Files menu.

To be illustrator ninja and to master the Adobe Illustrator, it takes you more than one day. However, if you already understand the basic functions of Adobe Illustrator and have remembered them all, it will be easy for you to learn and to try making some designs.

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