Draw Your Inspiration from These 25 Remarkable Lightroom Presets!

As a graphic designer whose job dealing with images, you must be well-informed in a Lightroom preset – a pre-determined position of sliders in Lightroom’s Develop Module. With the presets, you are free to play with the effects during the process of photo editing.

From HDR to vintage, these following Lightroom presets free of charge are nice to take up:

Free HDR Lightroom Preset

Free HDR Lightroom Preset

Free HDR Lightroom Preset

This type of preset is better known as Somber HDR. The step to render your photograph more HDR look is much easier with this. It goes very well and is apt for a vast variety of pictures ranging from portraits to landscapes.

Realistic HDR Lightroom Preset

Realistic HDR Lightroom Preset before

Realistic HDR Lightroom Preset before

Realistic HDR Lightroom Preset after

Realistic HDR Lightroom Preset after

Speaking of upgrading the class, this preset is very dynamic. It fabulously allows your piece of work to look more natural and realistic as well. This kind works either in Lightroom 4 or the latest version.

Black and White HDR Lightroom Preset

Do you like black and white impression? You had better try the black and white HDR Lightroom preset. This variety amazingly turns your colorful image of a landscape into the striking shades of grey.

Cinematic HDR Lightroom Preset

Aligned with any photograph model, this Adobe Lightroom preset effectively carries the cinema-inspired charm that is hard to be forgotten. It is provided for Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC.

Sharp HDR Lightroom Preset

This complimentary preset is capable of generating the elegant, sharp HDR effect on your favored photo. The feature literally establishes authenticity values making your piece of work more alive.

Vibrant HDR Lightroom Preset

Do you find your photo tedious? Simply adjust it with the vibrant preset. Dubbed “too much color”, it gives a range of vibrant touches and colors on the one you think it is dull.

Autumn Color Boost Lightroom Preset

If you are about to perpetuate your masterpiece pleasant to eyes from leaf peeping; improve the fall impression with this guy. It brings the ultimate freshness on your fall-themed images lacking in color.

Film-Inspired Lightroom Preset

Unless you are not a movie buff as well as a hobbyist photographer, give this sort a shot. You must be profusely mesmerized with the end product that is film-inspired looking.

Favorite Film Lightroom Preset

Adding “wearing off” feeling on your central human activity-related photographs, this kind successfully captivates the film-inspired photo enthusiasts. It works either in Lightroom 4 or the updated version.

Vintage Film Lightroom Preset

Coming with a unique call – Aged Sepia, this kind of preset can shed your images with a classy vintage effect. The vibe given rise to, reminisces the old setting back in the day.

Faded Lightroom Preset

Being faded doesn’t mean being dead-alive – it is indeed more than that. This cool preset, in good sooth, gives the chic photos of yours a gorgeous-looking faded effect you must adore.

Grainy Matte Film Lightroom Preset

The effect of grainy matte is basically perfect to those who want their photos to look more fashionable film-like. The name might sound complicated, but the steps to create it is a piece of cake.

Color Pop Lightroom Preset

Living up to its name, this preset adds a pop of color to your dull photos. Not only does it make your pieces livelier but the guy is the icing on the cake.

Bold Color Lightroom Preset

Accentuating the bold color, the free feature successfully enhances the shine and splendor to your favorite landscape pictures. Arguably, the boredom will no longer exist by that.

Vibrant Landscape Lightroom Preset

Working with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC, the preset holds the capability to shape up your boring landscape photos into something catchier lousy with vibrancy and color. The powerful effect is the ultimate result of it.

Sharp Pop Lightroom Preset

The sharp pop variety is one of the impeccable Lightroom presets enriching the color in the shot of yours. It can sharpen the vague detail as well as augment the value of vibrancy and saturation.

Cinema Lightroom Preset

Named rising star, the free preset from Adobe Lightroom incredibly lets your camerawork’s outcome possess appearance that is cinematic. It is in line with the current photography modification bringing endless warmth.

Popper Lightroom Preset

To be loaded with cheerfulness and zeal, the choice of Popper kind is highly recommended. It is well-matched with Photoshop CC, CC 2014, and not to mention CC 2015.

Soft Pastel Lightroom Preset

The sense of mildness also prevails in the photography area – and the vivid evidence of is the presence of soft pastel preset. The touch of chic pastel in your photos truly fascinates all art lovers.

Light Leak Lightroom Preset

The delivery of nifty light leak effect is apparently great with this fresh preset. Surprisingly, it works extremely well with the composite of vintage effect highlighting the old memory.

Intense Warm Lightroom Preset

Boost the warmth of your photography creation with this free action. It ecstatically fits with images having a close relation with monumental events such as family’s get-together and old friends’ reunification.

Summer Breeze Lightroom Preset

Summer Breeze Lightroom Preset

Summer Breeze Lightroom Preset

You don’t wish your summer memorials fade away, do you? It’s time to apply this preset bringing much summer joy in the process of your photo editing. The fun new color is added to the final touch.

Vintage Fade Lightroom Preset

Let the ordinary photos of yours become more elegantly vintage with this action. The Victorian impression is gradually shaped by the guy. In spite of the outmoded looking, they remain standing out among of all.

Beach Life Lightroom Preset

Portray the tropical fun in your photos with beach life preset. The power of flashing on and lending color of it needs to be appreciated. Don’t get surprised with the yield!

Orange Fade Lightroom Preset

Corresponding to the outdoor-style photos, this type makes your piece of work nicely orange faded. Additionally, it also brings the soothing charm loved by anyone.

In short, those 25 Lightroom presets are the stunning ideas to draw some inspiration. Which one is your thing?

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