Canva design school Online Graphic Design Courses

9 Free and Resourceful Online Graphic Design Courses for Beginners

Do you want to learn about graphic design but don’t have enough time or money to take regular courses? It should not be a problem anymore. By embracing the technology, you can enroll in several free online graphic design courses on various platforms. Those courses are resourceful and easy to follow, even for those who have just started to learn.

Coursera’s Graphic Design Courses

coursera Online Graphic Design Courses
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coursera Online Graphic Design Courses

Coursera is an online course platform focusing on the program of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). On this site, some top schools and universities around the world offer free courses and lessons in various fields, including graphic design. There are at least four online graphic design courses available on Coursera. Each of them provides lecture videos, digital handouts, and related quizzes that can be accessed for free.

Beginners in the field of graphic design can start learning from the theory and history of the course to some applicable practices using different software. One of the courses is Fundamentals of Graphic Design, presented by California Institute of the Arts. By taking this course, you can learn about several introductory lessons of graphic design, including typography and image composition. In later sessions, projects and exercises are also available to take.

Udemy’s Introduction to Graphic Design

udemy Online Graphic Design Courses

udemy Online Graphic Design Courses

Although Udemy administers both free and paid online courses, most of the courses available on this site are free to access. Thankfully, one of the free courses you can take is a beginner-level graphic design course, namely Introduction to Graphic Design. The course provides a basic concept of design as well as some practical exercises on how particular design concepts are used for business or advertising purpose.

Introduction to Graphic Design is actually not the only online graphic design courses on Udemy. Once you’ve mastered this foundation course, you can take other courses with more advanced lessons, such as Logo Design Concept and Professional Logo Design.

Skilled Up’s Visual and Graphic Design

As the name infers, the online education provider, Skilled Up, is more focused on the skill organization and developments of its learning community. Visual and Graphic Design courses on Skilled Up are designed to fulfill the needs of graphic design enthusiasts, from beginner, intermediate, to advanced practitioners.

For learners at the beginning level, Skilled Up offers well-structured lesson plans that will take you to a resourceful path of graphic design course. A full package of the course contains handouts in eBook format, lesson instructions, some exercises, and sometimes, a discussion forum where you can interact with other learners.

Kadenze’s Graphic Design Courses

Art, Music, and Creative Technology become the main focus of Kadenze’s courses. That being said, online graphic design courses are taken seriously on this MOOC provider. Due to its commercial status, most courses on Kadenze are charged for a subscription, but there are still some free courses you can take if you choose the ‘Audit Course’ option.

Two of them are Graphic Design History and Introduction to Graphic Illustration. The first course is administered by Maryland Institute College of Art. It presents basic information related to the development of graphic design, from letter and font arrangement to branding posters. Another course, Introduction to Graphic Illustration, is aimed to give you visual production and distribution. The course is brought to you by Cornish College of the Arts.

Canva Design School

Canva design school Online Graphic Design Courses

Canva design school Online Graphic Design Courses

Canva is very familiar to those who are interested in graphic design. This online platform provides anything related to graphic designs, including an online open course called Canva Design School. The most famous course for a beginner in Canva Design Course is Introduction to Graphic Design.

The course consists of four models which focus on comprehensive information related to backgrounds, images, layouts, as well as fonts and colors used in the popular design. By taking this foundation course, you are expected to acquire essential skills which are needed in the creation of attractive graphics.

Envato’s Design and Illustration Course

Envato’s Design and Illustration Course Online Graphic Design Courses

Envato’s Design and Illustration Course Online Graphic Design Courses

A wide variety of topics related to graphic design are covered by Envato in its design and illustration course. The courses are presented in Envato database which consists of hundreds learning videos and eBooks. Envato also provides some How-To Tutorials as a helpful guide for beginners. All of them are aimed to help learners develop both creative and technical skills in the field of graphic design.

There are various kinds of online graphic design courses that you can take on Envato. Some of them are basic courses such as sketch, logo design, and background editing, as well as some advanced courses which include game and book cover designing. In addition, Envato provides particular courses for operating graphic design software, including Photoshop, Cinea 4D, and illustrator.

Veerle’s Graphic Design Blog

Different from other platforms of online graphic design courses, Graphic and Web Design Blog is not administered by a company or community, but instead, by an individual graphic designer. The one who is responsible for creating this design blog is Veerle Pieters, a Belgian graphic and web designer.

Dedicating herself to the inter-web world, Veerle creates a weblog where she shares tutorials and tips for beginners who want to survive in the graphic design world. She also provides helpful solutions to deal with various design problems. You can find a multitude of resourceful information by visiting her blog, and all of them can be accessed for free.

Alison Online’s Graphic Design Courses

Alison Online provides free courses and some paid courses if you wish to earn the certificate after completing a particular course. Regarding graphic design, Alison offers several choices, focusing on building your knowledge and skill in the related fields. These include Design Principles Course as well as Visual and Graphic Skills. There are also some specialized courses which discuss how the designing process works in certain software. One of them is Photoshop Essential C6 Tools.

Palomar College’s Graphic Design Courses

Known for its art and creative programs, Palomar College plans its graphic design courses by combining important elements of the field, including the design’s composition and illustration. The courses are developed with some similarities with the real-life courses. For instance, the specific classes have their own schedule. Those who enroll in the class are also required to download PDF handouts as supporting materials.

With many options available, you can narrow them down to find the best online graphic design courses to match your needs and interests.

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