Beneficial Features of Pen Tablet - pen tablet

5 Things to Know About Pen Tablet: A Must Have Item for Beginner Designers

Are you a graphic designer looking for an effective device to boost your productivity? Then, you are on the right page. When it comes to the topic on equipment for animators, graphic design artists or anyone who are passionate about drawing things, a comfortable yet sophisticated technology can be the answer.

In these recent years, the mouse as a pointer for editing and retouching the picture is gradually altered by the new device which is more practical named pen tablet. Therefore, let’s talk about this cool device to perfect your works.

What is a Pen Tablet?

What is a Pen Tablet - pen tablet
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What is a Pen Tablet – pen tablet

A pen tablet is similar to a set of paper and pencil, in a way that it is used to draw something, but with advancement of technology which digitalizes the drawing Yet, this tool comes as a superb innovation which is fully equipped with various features that benefit the users. It consists of a flat screen tablet and an electronic pen to input drawing, characters, and even handwriting to be visualized on the computer screen. Luckily, if you prefer to directly see your works on the tablet, maybe the pricier device should be your option.

Beneficial Features of Pen Tablet

A plenty of great benefits featured on the pen tablet can be your consideration before coming to the decision of moving on other devices. Firstly, you should be aware of a pressure sensitivity on this device. It works as a controller of your drawings like transparency or thickness of your lines. Having a tablet with higher sensitivity means that you have a more responsive screen.

Beneficial Features of Pen Tablet - pen tablet

Beneficial Features of Pen Tablet – pen tablet

Another helpful feature is shortcut keys to make your editing more time efficient. These keys come in buttons on the edge of the device for your quick access every time you make a mistake. Just click on the button, and every problem is perfectly solved.

The tablet also comes with a stylus or an electronic pen. Rather than using a mouse to point out and color your picture—which can be exhausting, this pen provides a more natural way to draw. It is more flexible to transfer any lines you want to create and, as a result, your pictures are perfectly shaped.

Advantages of Having One Pen Tablet

Those incredible features are surely helpful to allow you get better works done. It may take a little time to adapt from using a mouse to a stylus pen but it’s definitely worth it. A precise shape, colors, and details will naturally portrait on your pictures. Besides, you are able to save more time drawing with a pen tablet because it works easier, quicker, and portrays remarkable results.

Advantages of Having One Pen Tablet - pen tablet

Advantages of Having One Pen Tablet – pen tablet

Furthermore, owning one of these modern devices will prevent you from having health issue like cramps, since your hands will move more freely just like drawing on the paper. You can change the position of the pen as you want it to, like tilt the pen when you draw. You will also be more relaxed by changing your position as comfortable as you can especially if you purchase the more expensive one which allows portable use.

Everyone Deserves This Device

Everyone Deserves This Device - pen tablet

Everyone Deserves This Device – pen tablet

So here comes the question, what kind of profession which deserves this tablet as a supporting device? Honestly, it depends on your intention or purpose, even though everyone who can afford this is allowed to use it for sure. Yet, in regards to occupations, people who need the device most are illustrators or animators. This graphics tablet must be available on a desk since your job involves a wide range of drawing skills. So, you will be more flexible in creating a design on the screen, coloring, reshaping, and even mixing a colorful shade.

For beginners who are still wondering whether it is needed or not, you shall try a cheaper tablet in order to get you accustomed to this device. Durability is a vital aspect for beginners to consider since you will need more practice. So, a device that lasts for years is the best choice.

As time passes by, you will be more familiar with accessible features and help you to improve your professional skills. As you professionally grow to be a professional designer, you may need a better pen tablet with higher specs.

Recommended Tablets for Artistic Hands

If you are inexperienced in operating this kind of device, better to start from the common product. To show off your impressing works, you can start with Huoion KAMVAS GT-191. Available in reasonable price, the device will not bleed your wallet. Furthermore, some other choices suitable for beginners to start their career are Amzdeal Graphic Tablets, XP-Pen Star06 Tablet and Bamboo Wacom. Those products vary in prices but almost have similar specifications.

Furthermore, if you need to upgrade the device into more advanced specs, Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 Full HD is worth considering. This tablet lets you draw on the screen as well as transforms it into the display. The device comes with a high-end pen stylus that serves as a pencil, marker, and even brush. Moreover, its multi-touch gestures interestingly allow you to maximize your capability in designing. Also, the device is portable, perfect for those with high mobility.

Another alternative product of advanced specs for professional designers is Huion KAMVAS GT-156HD. Available at an affordable cost compared to the previous product, Huion KAMVAS GT-156HD offer remarkable features and sleek appearance. Furthermore, it comes in ultra-thin and light dimension, making it easy to carry anywhere.

A must need pen tablet is an effective way to produce impressive works. All in all, moving on from conventional mouse to an effective pen tablet offers a lot of benefits. However, the decision is yours to make, whether to get one right now or later. But, if you are aiming to improve your artistic works, diminish your hand cramps, and work in the most comfortable ambiance, then you should definitely get one soon. But keep in mind to decide wisely while carefully considering your purpose and need.


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