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19 Best Site PowerPoint Templates Free Download for Office Purpose

As a professional, having a beautiful presentation yet interactive and easy to understand is a must. Needless to say, a beautiful PowerPoint presentation enhances your professionalism. It will also increase your brand as well as the company name that you represent.

Check out our recommendations for 19 best site PowerPoint templates free download for your office purpose. These templates are suitable for presenting ideas, creating a sales pitch, or pitching an investor of your business. These templates come from the best designers, who understand well your needs to shine among others business.


Behance - 19 Best Site PowerPoint Templates Free Download for Office Purpose

Behance – PowerPoint Templates Free Download

Behance is well known as one of the best free download sites with so many talented designers transforming unique ideas into easy-to-use works. In their homepage, you can find the best of Behance’s works. Templates like social media interactive are best for people who want to deliver their findings or update in the social media world.

Slides Carnival

Slide Carnival - 19 Best Site PowerPoint Templates Free Download for Office Purpose

Slides Carnival – PowerPoint Templates Free Download

Another place to download beautiful PowerPoint templates, Slide Carnival has so many collections, ranging from startup, business, nonprofit, as well as playful templates. Slides carnival updates their collection every month, so you will find brand new PowerPoint templates each month.


Kingsoft is widely known as the provider of free office apps. If you are a smartphone user, it’s a good chance that you use their office appsKingsoft has so many collections of PowerPoint templates targeted for business people. And the good news, it’s free.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft certainly knows something about PowerPoint, since they are the founder of the PowerPoint. Their templates are free. You can download them directly from your Microsoft office. Most of Microsoft Office PowerPoint templates use business color pallets.


Slide Geeks - 19 Best Site PowerPoint Templates Free Download for Office Purpose

Slide Geeks – PowerPoint Templates Free Download

SlideGeeks is yet another place where you can download innovative PowerPoint templates. But first, you need to create an account and share the link through social media. It is worth having templates to share anyway.


Leawo’s templates are very outstanding, full of creativity, playful color, as well as provide many choices. You can choose the templates ranging from NBA to Disney themes. A perfect combination of business and your children birthday party.

Invest in Tech

If you’re looking for lively PowerPoint templates, go and try the templates free download from Invest in Tech. Your presentation might become the best among others. Invest in Tech templates are great for business in general.


You probably have known Xerox as the company that produces copying machine. However, Xerox also provides PowerPoint templates for small businesses. Their templates are different from others in a way that it makes your presentation more effective. Make sure you try one of their templates.


On the ninth place, there is Indezine with so many beautiful templates to offer. They ask people to pay for the templates that they want to download. However, you can choose to pay zero. But we believe that you realize these templates are worth much than zero.


Slideist has many stylish looking PowerPoint templates suitable for corporate presentation. The free golden templates feature a title slide, content slides, image layout, free image layouts, text layouts, bullet-point layouts, icon display, chart designs. All are available in elegant design and different color variations: Golden, white, and dark grey. In addition to free golden PowerPoint templates, they also provide free resume templates and free corporate logo templates.

Brainy Betty

The holiday season is coming, and you need to create a pitch presentation for your upcoming toy products. You need a presentation that emphasizes holiday vibes and playful tones. Therefore, we recommend you visit Brainy Betty that offers playful-themed template such as holiday, Christmas, as well as arts and crafts. These templates will also look good for your company holiday events.

Eureka Template

Those who work on sport-related business must know Eureka Template. This site gives so many resources for the sport-themed presentations. The templates are also suitable for those who want to run a campaign on health and sport. And not only that, Eureka Template also has categories for abstract and nature themes.

Presentation Magazine

Presentation Magazine creates a database bank for PowerPoint templates free download that is very easy to use. All you need to do is swap-in your presentation’s content. When all is ready, you’ll definitely be more confident even when you’re facing a pitch presentation.


teachable - 19 Best Site PowerPoint Templates Free Download for Office Purpose

teachable – PowerPoint Templates Free Download

If you’re looking a high response presentation templates, you might need to consider Teachable. It offers gorgeous free PowerPoint templates that you can download.  With their slogan: simple, powerful, beautiful—Teachable provides non-conventional templates for professional use.


Dribble is a designer community. The talented designers at Dribble showcase their best PowerPoint design templates anywhere around the world over the internet. All you need to do is choose among hundreds of beautiful templates. To get updated with the latest designs in Dribble, you only need to sign in and subscribe for updates.

Graphic Slide

If you’re looking for a PowerPoint template that can run on multiple pages, visit Graphic Slide. It has professional PowerPoint templates with multiple pages. You only need to fill in your content, and you’re ready to go.


hipsthetic - 19 Best Site PowerPoint Templates Free Download for Office Purpose

hipsthetic – PowerPoint Templates Free Download

Bold is the new theme of PowerPoint templates nowadays. Hipsthetic’s PowerPoint templates provide unique design, font, and style. For those who want to look outstanding, check out the templates from Hipsthetic website.


Social media has a great influence on people lives. Those who are interested in delivering report or presentation related to social media and digital marketing better to look at Ginva PowerPoint templates. Ginva has a collection of great PowerPoint templates on social media. Your presentation will help to deliver the message that you want to convey through social media.

Free Google Slides Template

Free Google Slides Templates has so many great templates for Google Slides. These templates are designed in standard and widescreen formats. Choose the best templates suitable with your presentation material through google slide application. Further, these templates have been made compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Those are our 19 best site recommendations for PowerPoint templates free downloadCheck them out to get the one most suitable for your need!

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