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7 Best Sources of T-Shirt Template Mockups for Fashion Branding

Anyone starting a fashion business will quickly realize the importance of t-shirt template mockups. They consist of t-shirts with plain backgrounds or models wearing them, which are later uploaded to the sellers’ websites or online stores. Designers can use mockup generators to shift their designs to blank t-shirts, making them ready for promotion.

Many online mockup generators are compatible with both JPEG files and PSD (Photoshop) templates. Here are seven of the best mockup generators you can try for fashion branding project.

Graphic River

Graphic River T Shirt Template

Graphic River T Shirt Template

Graphic River ( is a t-shirt mockup generator for designers who are adept with Photoshop. This mockup generator is recommended for low-cost but professional projects, since it features models with their faces shown. The models are not just standing, but doing various activities, including working out at the gym.

Designers can choose models that perfectly represents the promoted brands. One template costs around USD9, but you can get a high-quality photo with a professional-looking model to represent the fashion brand. Once you download it, you can easily transfer your design’s PSD file onto the t-shirt, using a convenient drag-and-drop function.


Placeit T Shirt Template

Placeit T Shirt Template

Another mockup generator that features professional models in diverse styles, Placeit ( offers photos of models in various outfits beside t-shirts. Each photo features a model with a t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, or tank top, complete with blue text to indicate where you should put your design. The models come from different races and genders, perfect for fashion branding aimed at youth.

You can use pictures from Placeit to create lifestyle-related illustrations, using your designs on photos of models in various scenarios. The mockup generator is compatible with JPEG and PSD files, and you can easily drag-and-drop your design to the shirt. Currently, there are more than 3,700 photos available in Placeit.

Mockup World

Mockup World ( features t-shirt mockups from various scenes and scenarios. You can choose t-shirt mockups by professional models, or just the t-shirts with solid and patterned backgrounds. You can even get creative with pictures of hanged t-shirts and shirt-wearing statues for your design projects. All the pictures with models are shot professionally, and in high definition.

Once you have Photoshop on your device, using Mockup World is easy. This mockup generator provides a drag-and-drop option so that you can transfer your designs anytime. Wide variations of mockup templates give you more different looks, and you can adjust them with the characteristics of your designs.


Cafepress T Shirt Template

Cafepress T Shirt Template

Looking for t-shirt template mockup generator that accommodates all ages? Cafepress ( offers mockups for all sizes, from babies to adults. This website is perfect to create mockups for dropship stores that offer products in bulks. The models do not show their faces, so the focus will go to the products, which is sometimes a better choice if you want a more straightforward look.

Cafepress offers not only t-shirt mockups, but also baby onesies, tote bags, and even clothing for dogs. All the t-shirts are displayed with a standard white background, perfect to design a straightforward reseller or dropship store.

Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger ( offers a combination of modeled and non-modeled t-shirt templates. You can find wide arrays of photos, such as hanged t-shirts, t-shirts with colored backgrounds, or male and female models wearing t-shirts. The mockup generator is easy to browse, and the catalog is constantly updated.

Graphic Burger offers many free templates you can download and modify, but there are several professional templates that require payments. However, the costs are still affordable, so you can still buy them even if your budget is restricted.

Print Aura

Print Aura ( seems like a typical t-shirt template mockup, but it provides more diverse adjustment features. This mockup generator provides templates with and without models. The non-modeled templates have standard white backgrounds, and the modeled ones provide various options of people. You can customize the model’s face, skin tone, and even smile.

Print Aura also has standard templates for famous t-shirt brands, such as Hanes, Gildan, and American Apparel. You can also create designs for the front and back parts of the shirts. The mockup tool allows you to use PSD, JPEG, and other popular image files to put on the t-shirts.

Aside from adding your own designs, you can also use text tools available in the generator for extra editing.


Shopify ( is a simple, free t-shirt template mockup generator, perfect for small business and low-budget beginner designers. The website offers simple templates for models who don’t show faces, with standard white backgrounds. Shopify is easy to adjust, and you can upload various image files to adorn the templates.

Shopify not only provides templates for t-shirt mockups, but also sweatshirts, tank tops, and hoodies. You can also place your designs on items such as mugs, posters, smartphone cases, and tote bags. You also get options to adorn male, female, and unisex apparels.

Should You Use T-Shirt Mockup Generator?

As graphic designers, your designs do not stop on concepts. You must consider how they will look like on actual objects, especially if you are going to put them on flexible material like fabric. If your design has a unique position, such as on certain parts of the t-shirt or the sleeves, using a mockup generator will help you see the final look.

Mockup generator is also useful if you have a fashion-related business and design your own products. You can use a mockup generator with professional model photos to make your branding more professional, especially if you don’t use professional model service. Mockup generator is also a great tool for designers who want to popularize their unique designs.


There are many mockup generators you can find on the internet, with high-quality photos with models, including the free ones. If you want to use professional features, you need to pay for Pro versions, but they are usually affordable. Having t-shirt template packages from these mockup generators not only support your design projects, but also help if you want to develop your own digital fashion brands.

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