Creative Business Card Ideas

25 Out-of-This-World Business Card Ideas to Chew over

Just imagine that you are now at the same lunch table with new people that could be your potential client in the future, looking forward the long-term corporation. So, what will you do to get to know each other? Yes, you are right; there is nothing more forceful other than making a swift exchange with the business card of yours.

A business card literally represents your business identity. To impress the individuals, you have to make the tag as catchy and easy to remember as possible. And these business card design ideas are great to apply:

Professional Look

The professional-themed business card has relatively simple yet striking design. Use the clean, mono-color backdrop and eye-catching words with the modest font. Moreover, add the splash effect on the logo to evoke the appeal.

Impressive Subtle Curves

If you think the rectangular model is a bit out-dated, never hesitate to adjust the edges. We call this way the subtle curves. Yes, the shape is humble; not adopting much detail but this kind is categorically outstanding.

Breaking the Mainstream

Business Card Ideas
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Business Card Ideas

eye catching Business Card Ideas

eye catching Business Card Ideas

Have you ever heard the DIY business card? There is an abundance of ways to do this although the patient is needed. Dried leave and twig decoration or wine coloring would be cool ideas.

Classy Mode

Something upscale, for sure, has no relation to the gem. Adding a sleeve with attractive pattern turns your business card into a flossy piece. Taking out the card from the “garment” will excite your customers.

Elegantly Chic

Giving the feminine touch on the surface of your business card would enhance the grade of elegance. To carry out this, you can play with the floral design as well as the lighter shade.

Transparency Power

Don’t you know that the combination of transparency paper and various brilliant hues can give rise to a winning overlap? It also does make a statement when they are separated each other.


The privy-style might be the one that elevates the reassuring milieu between two different personalities. To feel more personal, marking the card with your captivating logo by way of the rubber stamp is fantastic.

Funny Pop up Card

Creative Business Card Ideas

Creative Business Card Ideas

The flat version sounds pretty common; thus give the pop-up card a shot. It must be one of the eccentric business card design ideas you can’t miss out on. Sport your creativity with the humorous character you’ve invented.

Shade Contrast

Who says the simple concept is tedious? By contrasting the basic color of the backdrop, your business card must look either fancy or mind-blowing. The preferences include sapphire with butterscotch or crimson with lemon.

Depth with Symbols

Color is not your middle name? Simply have a go with the depth with symbols. For the sake of comeliness, opt for a pattern which is out of ordinary but still related to your business embodiment.

Plain and Beautiful

Again, elegance is not always associated with shade. The purely-white design with a little information about your name and enterprise and not to mention the tiny punched out holes is epic.

Business Type Theme

It would absolutely be fun when the form of your business card holds one of a kind look that indicates who you are.  The bakery owner – for instance – will hand the business partners the toast-shaped card.

Vertical Variety

It never goes wrong shifting the direction from horizontal to vertical. You can give the patterning throughout the edges to make the card gracefully stand out.

Woody Look

For the rustic touch, you can accent your business card by taking advantage of the wooden material. The early impression of this kind causing the unusual feel in your hand must be natural.


Playing the written language through typography method on the making of your business card leads the timeless artistic value. Once the words are displayed, they will wow the clients.

Detail Orientation

A nice-looking detail on the tag of yours somehow draws other people’s attention. It can be your business logo mark manually stamped or insanely creative sketch.

Playing Card

Playing card would be another tricky way to generate something exclusive and typical. Not only is your stack of cards great for fun but the elaborate design of it is easy to bear in mind.

3D Effects

A card with unique custom shape (a shield for instance) will remain common. However, it will stand out when its edge is overlaid with two blatant colors – the 3D effect is inevitably formed.

Rounded Corners

Your square card will send out its charm when the four corners are beautifully rounded. Although it seems a bit trivial, the final result is nothing but masterly.

Hand-Stitched Pattern

The hand-stitched pattern surely is handy for saving the space and keeping the simplicity value. You can locate your elegant logo alongside the card and let it be like a clothing tag.

Crafty Cutouts

When you are about to explore the pop-up, you might have a try on crafty cutouts. The folded back cuts out will put the variety of shades underneath on show.

Functionality Purpose

A unique business card is not just about how to look lovely and haughty; it should also be functional. The metal type coming with measurement can be utilized as a mini-ruler.

Go Green

Do you care the environment? Actualize your concern with “Go Green” kind. It is not that hard to find the biodegradable paper – the basic material to produce this typical card.

Interacting Card

The interacting card might not be familiar to the business people. Yet this rolled up guy with his stylish hair is extremely enthralling making others smile and laugh.

Humor and Practicality

This budget-friendly type is not only to break the tension but also to save the printing cards. Add a humorous sentence on the front for more cheerfulness.

With those 25 arresting business card design ideas, now you can start creating your own fascinating business card.

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