10 Incredible Features of Wacom Intuos Pro that Blow Your Mind

Do you find your gadget for drawing outmoded? It is time to switch it with the one that is in vogue and trend-setting – Wacom Intuos Pro. Although the outer shell of this ugly but fashionable guy and the previous variety (Intuos 5) is nearly impossible to tell apart, the features of both are, for sure, contrastive.

For you to get convinced with this current IT product, we provide a handful of highlights that may make your jaw drop and let you be fascinated. Go check them out now!

The Outstanding Express Keys

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper-Edition - 10 Incredible Features of Wacom Intuos Pro that Blow Your Mind
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Wacom Intuos Pro

Unlike the older version of Intuos tablet, Wacom Intuos Pro carries express keys with up-to-the-minute form – this appearance must be favored by the novice graphic designers. Each key is far easier to press letting the users feel comfortable during the device operation. The presence of Express Keys programmable to some specific application enables you to access the modifiers at the flick of a switch. Not only do they push forward the flow of your graphic designing and sketching work but the pieces are easy to customize. Besides, its companion – the touch ring – supplies the easy and swift shortcuts.

Super Handy Wacom Pro Pen 2

Wacom intuos pro gallery pro pen 2 - 10 Incredible Features of Wacom Intuos Pro that Blow Your Mind

Wacom intuos pro gallery pro pen 2

The updated Wacom Pro Pen tablet 2 incredibly allows your hand to feel natural when it comes to doing the task by hands. The stylus has the sublime pressure sensitivity reaching 2048 levels. The tilt support is capable of being utilized up to 60 degrees.  This handy pen is also equipped with an eraser situated on the top of as well as a rocker switch available on the edge part. Speaking the energy, this kind of pen doesn’t require batteries – you just have it recharged.

Inkspace Feature that Brings More Sophistication

Wacom Intuos Pro paper edition - 10 Incredible Features of Wacom Intuos Pro that Blow Your Mind

Wacom Intuos Pro paper edition

Particularly designed to cater to the high demand of both artists and illustrators, Wacom Intuos Pro is facilitated with the extraordinary Inkspace. Some of you may have no clues with this feature – but trust me; it is of use and rewarding. Inkspace is basically a tool of which function is to convert your paper-based outline to vector formats such as SVG and PSD, and the same is true with the layered raster. Interestingly, the creations generated by this are convenient to multifarious devices.

Productivity Features Saving Your Time a Lot

Like the whole types of drawing tablets available in the marketplace, Wacom Intuos Pro boasts a set of features not only saving your time but also escalating your daily productivity. One of them is the multi-touch gestures in which the users could do numerous activities that include scrolling the page, rotating the pictures, pinching the screen with a purpose to zoom in and zoom out. Arguably, everything really is effortless with that as a mouse is no longer needed.

Three Distinctive Texture Sheets

Wacom Intuos Pro, in good sooth, provides more platforms for the users so that they can hone their proficiency or competence in creating a catchy image or any design-related creations.  The real evidence you can, in a straight line, take full advantage of is three dissimilar texture sheets. The feature makes possible with the different drawing papers. Be it smooth or be it hard-handed, the gadget consumers have a vast opportunity to sort out their favorite portion.

The Incredible Touch Ring

Wacom Intuos Pro paper edition - 10 Incredible Features of Wacom Intuos Pro that Blow Your Mind

Wacom Intuos Pro paper edition

As it has been aforementioned, the Touch Ring is one of the significant highlights that Wacom Intuos Pro has to offer. It is definitely beneficial to do a couple of tasks such as switching the layers, zooming in and out, as well as tailoring the size of the brush. It basically doesn’t stop at that; this tool also serves as a shuttle dial of which function is to edit and composite. Speaking of the location in the tablet, the Touch Ring is elegantly flanked by the eight multi-functional express keys.

Wide-Ranging Software Included

Don’t you know that Wacom includes a bunch of rewarding applications along with this current tablet? They cover Adobe Photoshop Elements 11,  Nik Color Efex Pro 4, Anime Studio Debut 8, Autodesk Sketchbook Express, and Corel Painter 13.  The Adobe Photoshop is the famed program for editing that is capable of turning the snapshots to the fabulous art. Meanwhile, the Anime Studio is comprised of a multitude of drawing tools converting the sketches into the ones that are vector-based.

Plenty of Chic Models

Wacom Intuos Pro paper edition - 10 Incredible Features of Wacom Intuos Pro that Blow Your Mind

Wacom Intuos Pro paper edition

Wacom Intuos Pro offers not only one, two, or three but five cool models to choose from. Intuos Pro S coming with a Wacom grip pen and 6 express keys have pen pressure levels of 2048. Wacom Intuos Pro M perfect for beginners is equipped with the Wacom pro pen 2. This tablet uniquely owning the connectivity of built-in Bluetooth has 8 express keys and pen pressure levels of 8192. If you wish for something larger, you might go for Wacom Intuos Pro L. This kind features Wacom pro pen 2, 8 express keys, as well as pen pressure levels of 8192. Other two variations include Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition M and L.

Portable and Sleek

Wacom intuos pro gallery g4 - 10 Incredible Features of Wacom Intuos Pro that Blow Your Mind

Wacom intuos pro gallery

Arising in sizes which are relatively light, Wacom Intuos Pro is amazingly moveable from one place to another. Each type of this owns a smaller variety of footprint dissimilar to the previous model. Why you can easily carry this guy as it is made up of materials such as fiberglass composite resin and black anodized aluminum. With its thickness which is only 8mm, the device is fitting for the small bag. Additionally, it has a sleek look that anybody must like.

Reasonable Price

In the online marketplace like Amazon.com, Wacom Intuos Pro sets you back 349.99 USD. With the cost that is arguably bargain-basement, you have already got the most fashionable and sophisticated drawing tablet. Compared to other similar products, this type is far cheaper. What are you waiting for? Go purchase the one that belongs to your favorite!

In short, Wacom Intuos Pro comes with a range of remarkable features that fascinate both graphic designers and gadget lovers across the globe.

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