The Minimalist Black & White Wedding Card - Wedding Card Design

13 Beautiful and Unique Wedding Card Design Ideas

Every couple must be dreaming to have the best wedding ever in their life. For this reason, they do not hesitate to expense a lot of money on wedding preparation, not excluding wedding card design, which is one of the most creative areas of print design today. The wedding card package mostly cover the invitation, thank you card, maps to the wedding ceremony or reception place, the receptions schedule, and custom envelopes.

If you’re in the middle of searching the perfect theme for your wedding card, this recommendation will help you a lot. Keep reading to see our thirteen beautiful and unique wedding card design ideas.

Letterpress Technique

Letterpress Technique - Wedding Card Design
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Letterpress Technique

The most popular trend in the wedding card design is the letterpress printing. The relief of printing technique uses ink to create an imprinting effect on text and images. This design looks very classic and classy. Although not the cheapest design, it certainly is a good way to impress your guests. The letterpress designs suits for every wedding theme.

Vintage Typography

Vintage Typography - Wedding Card Design

Vintage Typography

This type of popular wedding card design uses typographic treatment. The layouts usually mix several types of typefaces, word shapes, and line graphics. This kind of design is suitable for big wedding events. Even when you are inviting important guests to your wedding, vintage typography will surely impress them.

Custom Illustrations

Custom Illustrations - Wedding Card Design

Custom Illustrations

If you’re good with pencils, you might want to consider having wedding invitations with the touch of your artistic genius. Brides and grooms can comically draw the version of themselves. People who receive your invitation will instantly know that you’re not buying instant template over the internet but creating your own design. A good choice for a memorable wedding event.

Wedding Card Unique Packaging

Wedding Card Unique Packaging - Wedding Card Design

Wedding Card Unique Packaging

Before anything else, be informed that this type of wedding card design will cost you a lot of money. However, if you have a decent budget, we strongly suggest you try this kind of design. The awesome example of wedding invitation using unique packaging are the pop-open can containing the invitation, a batik cloth picture frame containing wedding invitation, and message in a bottle. This unique wedding card packaging will certainly draw many likes if you post it on your social media account such as Instagram.

The Minimalist Black & White Wedding Card

The Minimalist Black & White Wedding Card - Wedding Card Design

The Minimalist Black & White Wedding Card

Another popular design related to wedding card is the minimalist black and white. This design is quite affordable since it only needs the black ink or black cards. The design is also quite clean and shows maturity. It is an ideal choice if you’re planning a minimalist wedding.

Simple White Elegant Wedding Invitation

This simple white elegant wedding invitation design is a symbol of the soul purity. It is also a symbol of woman willingness to bind herself in a long-term relation called marriage. You can try to add some retro effect to your wedding card invitation to have it more eye-catching.

Beige Wedding Themes

More and more people nowadays use beige themes for their wedding. Beige is a warm color. People who see this color will know that the brides and the groom sending them the invitation has an outgoing personality. Through beige themes, you can creatively send your message to all your family, relatives, friends, and your loved ones.

Floral Wedding Inspiration

Yes, there will be a lot of green and flowery color in this wedding card design. You might want to use dried flowers or leaves as decorations on your wedding card. It’s not cheap but very unique. A combination of a stylish, modern design with a natural look, your wedding invitation will attract many attentions.

Chalkboard Wedding Invitations

The chalkboard design is quite a popular trend nowadays. The concept is ​very playful yet won’t bleed your wallet. If you’re working in the education field, you might want to try this wedding card design ideas. The dark background can easily go well with colorful chalks. It’s a good choice for a unique and artistic wedding theme, which describes who you are and what you do.

Passport Wedding Invitation

If you’re fond of traveling and planning to have playful wedding theme, this is the perfect design for you. This wedding card is designed in the shape and style of a passport. You can have more than a hundred design styles since there are more than a hundred country passports you can implement in your design. It’s a perfect wedding card if want to send an invitation with traveling theme as well as to encourage people to travel more.

Silver Grey Wedding Card Design

Silver will always be a glamour color for your wedding theme. You can implement this color with grey color as well. You might have the grey color card with the combination of silver ink on your wedding card. This design also suits with minimalist wedding style. Although the design is minimalist, you might get charged extra cost since the silver ink is quite expensive.

Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Another playful and unique design for wedding card is using watercolor accents. You might ask some artist to create a watercolor painting on your wedding card. It will cost you an extra money, but, you will surely have an outstanding wedding invitation ever.

If you are low on the budget, you may ask your card designer to create digital watercolor painting design with his computer. No need to paint it one by one and you will save your money as well.

Fairytale Wedding Card Design

You might get inspired with a fairy tale for your wedding theme. There is nothing wrong with celebrating your love story to resemble the fairy tale romance. In fact, the fairy tale romance deserves to have a great wedding card that celebrates your moment. The elegant wedding card design may bring the theme of Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty.

Weddings are an incredibly special event, and we want you to have the best moment of your wedding through this beautiful wedding card design. Hopefully, our information can help you to create those magic moment in your life.

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