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9 Sites For Customize Your Wedding Invitation Designs

Besides dresses, suits, rings, and the wedding venue, what else do you need for a wedding? The answer is pretty clear; it’s the guests! A wedding is not a wedding without them. After all, who will congratulate the bride and the groom on their new wondrous voyage? So, inviting friends, families, and relatives as the honorable guests on your big day is an important matter. It is also a good reason why the wedding invitation designs should be taken seriously when you are planning a wedding.

Matching the wedding invitation designs to your wedding theme can be a good start. For that reason, the invitation should be designed properly so that the guests who receive it will feel amazed and cannot wait to come to your wedding. Thanks to the technology of the internet and its various wonderful websites, designing a wedding invitation these days can be done with ease.

Nine websites below provide numerous attractive templates for printable and customizable wedding invitations. Some of them even come with no cost at all—a really wise step to save your wedding budget.

Cards and Pockets

cards and pockets - 9 Sites For Customize Your Wedding Invitation Designs

cards and pockets – Wedding Invitation Designs

Thirty-five designs of wedding invitation are available on Cards and Pockets. In line with its slogan, “Dream in colored papers,” this website has the invitation designs in every color, also, in every style and theme. From modest pastel shade to sophisticated floral style, you are free to choose which design that is more suitable for your needs. The more good news is, each template comes with a stylish envelope.

Simply choose the design you like, and then customize it directly on the website’s online editor. When the design is completed, you can download the invitation for free, or make a paid printing order to Cards and Pockets by selecting the Professional Printing option.

Greeting Islands

Greetings Island - 9 Sites For Customize Your Wedding Invitation Designs

Greetings Island – Wedding Invitation Designs

Greeting Islands consider that a wedding invitation should follow the theme of the wedding. That’s why this website gives you various collections of wedding invitation designs to match every wedding theme you raise: casual, traditional, classic, elegant—you name it. In addition to customizable font and color, some of the wedding invitation templates let you add more personal customization, such as pictures, photographs, or featured texts.

The invitation you’ve designed can be downloaded in image or PDF format, making you easier to select the printing process. Greeting Islands also offer printing and delivery services to the list of your guests’ address.


Canva - 9 Sites For Customize Your Wedding Invitation Designs

Canva – wedding invitation designs

Hundreds of wedding invitation layouts and templates in Canva are professionally designed by graphic designers from all over the world. From beautiful to elegant themes, you will surely find the perfect wedding invitation designs by browsing Canva library collections. Images, photographs, as well as text styles and colors, are easily customized using Canva online platform for free.

You can add your personal touch when designing the wedding invitation in Canva. In addition to uploading your own photograph, the template’s fonts, colors, and backgrounds can be customized according to your style.


PSprint - 9 Sites For Customize Your Wedding Invitation Designs

PSprint – Wedding Invitation Designs

Every template PsPrint comes in different size and three to five color choices. Moreover, they are classified into six different categories of design style, including elegant, minimalist, contemporary, and traditional. You can easily browse any kind of wedding invitation designs on this website.

Once you set your heart into one particular design, the editing and customization can be processed in an online design tool that this website provides. You can adjust the invitation’s size and shape, choose the suitable color palette, and finally, download the invitation to be printed on your own.


Ruffled is a website which provides the contents of wedding plan and arrangement. That being said, this website does not miss the invitation design. Numerous wedding invitation designs created by various designers can be found on Ruffled.

Despite its wide choices of invitation templates, Ruffled does not equip the website with online customization tool. Instead, you need to download it first and edit it using your own application. The website offers design set and editable version of the invitation.

Poster My Walls

Poster My Walls website does not only offer hundreds of invitation design for a wedding, but also for several other memorable events, such as engagement party, bridal shower, and baby announcement.

The customization process of your desired invitation is quite easy. When you find the one that you like, all you have to do is click on the sample design and begin to customize it using the online editing tool of Poster My Walls. Later, you can download the invitation and print it as many as you want.

Printable Press

The invitation templates on Printable Press mostly revolve around graphic and watercolor design. However, this website also offers various choices of the style that you can match to the wedding theme. Classic and modern styles are some examples, and there are more available designs you can explore.

Printable Press prepares the invitation in one single package which includes the wedding logo, backing card, belly band, address stamp on an envelope, as well as matching RSVP card. You only need to adjust the color scheme for the text type and the

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